How Many Slices In A Loaf Of Bread?

How many slices in a loaf of bread?

It can certainly be tricky to know how many slices you can get from a loaf of bread. And the truth is that there is no correct answer for all bread loaves. But here is a foolproof way to know how to have enough slices for your next dinner party.  A typical store-bought loaf of … Read more

Hand Mixer vs Stand Mixer: Which Should I Use?

Hand Mixer vs Stand Mixer: Which Is Best?

Both hand mixers and stand mixers are excellent appliances that have earned their space on any kitchen shelf or counter. But do you know which one you should use in lieu of the other?  Hand mixers are perfect for everyday use, while stand mixers are more suited towards heavy-duty usage, which means that the one … Read more

00 Flour Recipes: A Complete Guide

what is 00 flour

00 flour is a bit of a conundrum to people who live in the United States. That’s not because the flour is particularly unusual, but rather that it’s milled in Italy and categorized, then, by a different metric than American-based flour. However, even with the international divide, answering the question, “What is 00 flour?” isn’t … Read more

Bread Scoring Patterns: A Complete Guide

bread scoring patterns featured image

If you want to turn your bread loaves into works of edible art, then it’s worth trying out different bread scoring patterns. The art of bread scoring is a surprisingly difficult and complex endeavor, but the results speak for themselves. Let’s take a look at what scoring bread actually means, how to score your own … Read more

12 Best Gluten Free Flour Options

gluten free flour

Have you tried making bread with gluten free flour yet? If you’ve got a gluten allergy, it’s time to start now. Fatigue, headaches, problem skin, digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation, and neurological issues are just some of the symptoms of a gluten allergy. More and more people realize that they are allergic to … Read more

What Is Strong Flour? [Flour Strength Guide]

what is strong flour

If you are new to the baking world, you may be overwhelmed with just how many varieties exist of the same ingredient. For instance, flour is one ingredient that comes in many strengths and types, each meant for unique baking purposes. And you may well be wondering – what is strong flour? What makes strong … Read more

Bomboloni Recipe: How To Make Bomboloni Donuts

how to make bomboloni

An Italian pastry called bomboloni has crossed the Atlantic Ocean to take the United States by storm. Similar to American jelly doughnuts, this light treat is usually filled with a tasty fruit preserve or cream. Are you curious about bomboloni donuts? Are you looking for a bomboloni recipe simple enough to follow along at home, … Read more

How to Use Diastatic Malt Powder For Baking


Bread making is perhaps the most magical of all kitchen crafts. Not only is it a calming process, but it has delicious, wholesome results! Of course, there’s science behind this ‘magic’ in baking. Good bakers understand the chemical reactions that lie behind a perfect loaf, and knowing how to manipulate these for the tastiest outcomes … Read more

Best Homemade High Protein Bread Recipes

high protein bread

High protein diets have become popular among health gurus lately. After all, protein helps build muscle, sheds excess body fat, wards off hunger, and bolsters our immune system. That’s to name just a few of its many benefits. Of course, you can easily get your protein from meats and some dairy products, but if you’re … Read more

How To Make Your Own Bread Proofing Box

proofing oven

Bread-making can be a time-consuming process. It can also be complicated, especially for newbies. Since a wide range of steps are necessary to achieve the best rise in your dough, how can you simplify the process? Can it be streamlined? Thankfully, a bread proofing box fits the bill! A proofing box is a container that … Read more

How To Store Bread Machine Bread

how to store bread maker bread

We all know the story. You create an incredible loaf of fresh bread in your favorite bread maker, eat a delicious sandwich — and then a few hours later discover the rest of your loaf is hardening at the speed of light. Wondering how to store bread machine bread? Bread machines are excellent for hassle-free baking … Read more

Batard Bread Recipe: What It Is & How To Make It

batard bread

What is batard bread? Batard bread gets its unique name from how this kind of recipe is generally considered “inferior” to a traditional baguette. Don’t let the odd name fool you, however. Despite the quirky moniker, batard bread is actually a delicious variant of the baguette that can add fantastic functionality and flavor to your … Read more

How to Mill Your Own Flour

milling your own flour

When it comes to baking and cooking, flour is one of the most versatile ingredients out there. It’s not just for making dough or pasta; you can also use it to thicken soups, bread chicken, and it can even be used as a cleaner! Of course, with all the many uses for flour, we tend … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Proving Dough

proofing bread

“Your loaf – it’s under-proved,” says Paul Hollywood, eyeing the lacklustre show stopper piece you’ve presented him with. Your hands are sweaty and shaking – this was your last chance to stay in the Bake Off competition baking tent, and because you didn’t know how to prove your dough effectively, you may have just blown … Read more

What is a Baking Stone?

bread stone

Even the most simplistic baking pan can be the most indispensable kitchen tool you ever own, no matter what kind of cooking you do. But did you know that even this simple, essential piece of kitchenware has an upgrade? If you haven’t used a baking stone to make your latest recipe easier than ever, you’re … Read more

Types of Flour Guide

flour types

Whether it’s pastries, bread, or pasta, flour is the key component for a wide majority of different foods. With that said, however, not all are created equal. This article will cover the many different varieties of flour, as well as their multiple uses, so you can exercise more control over your kitchen creations! Different Types … Read more

What is Corn Flour?

is corn flour gluten free

Made from corn that’s ground into a fine powder, corn flour is a finer version of cornmeal, yet not quite as much as cornstarch. It has a wide variety of uses, from frying food to baking to even being added to soups as a thickener. This article will cover the many uses corn flour, and … Read more

No Knead Bread: What Is It?

no knead bread recipe

No knead bread is what happens when innovators are short on time and hungry for fresh, home-made bread. This recipe is so easy! Slap the ingredients together in literal minutes, leave it overnight, and pop it in the oven the next day. Yes, it is that simple. People can even have the dough mixed and … Read more

Low Carb Bread: Everything You Need To Know

low carb bread

What is low-carb bread? It may sound contradictory, but we promise that it’s real. The typical bread in this day and age is made with flour from wheat grains, which is chalk full of carbs. Carbohydrates, whether they’re simple or complex carbs, take forever for your body to process – and they essentially turn into … Read more

How Does a Bread Maker Make Jam?

make jam in a bread maker

If you’ve got a bread maker, then you already know about the machine’s many perks. But have you ever thought about making jam in a bread maker? You can make all sorts of bread dough, but also pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, and more. A bread maker can handle more than dough, however. You can even … Read more

Multigrain vs Whole Grain vs Whole Wheat

whole grain vs whole wheat

We know that we’re not the only ones who get confused by all the different types of bread. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between whole grain vs whole wheat or whole grain vs multigrain, you’re in the same boat. Understanding grain products can be seriously perplexing. We see now that the baked goods … Read more

6 Best Bread Blogs For Amazing Recipes

blogs about bread making

Baking bread has never been more trendy than right now. We’re getting inspired right now by compiling this list of our 6 best bread blogs. Not only will these blogs about bread making hopefully persuade you to get immersed in the art of baking, but they provide some incredible recipes and tips. Let’s get down … Read more

8 Tips For Using A Bread Maker

How to use Bread Maker Machines: Useful tips and FAQs

So, you’ve purchased a brand new bread maker and set out to create the first of many Pinterest-worthy loaves. What happens next? For many people… the first attempt at using a bread machine results in a loaf that doesn’t quite go to plan. It could be the consistency of the dough, a collapsed crust, or … Read more