What Can I Make With A Bread Machine?

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Other than bread, what can I make with a bread machine?

In the era of microwavable meals and busy schedules, taking time to make a homemade dinner may seem a little unachievable for a lot of us, let alone homemade bread.

what can i make with a bread machine

The concept of a bread machine, too, may be entirely foreign to some of the fast-moving, always-active people out there.

Bread machines, though, are a little bit magical; they can help the busiest of people make all sorts of tasty treats with little to no hassle at all.

Bread machines, of course, can do exactly as their title claims, but they can do so much more than that. Essentially an oven with a convenient bread pan, you can put together all sorts of ingredients and have them cook in a bread machine that takes up as much space on your counter as a microwave.

Meals will come out richer; breads will come out fluffier; desserts will be sweeter, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the food you made is probably healthier than anything you’ll find in the freezer section of the super market.

If you’re a college student looking to make use of what little space you have in your apartment or an on-the-go member of the work force, a bread maker can do more for you than just make warm, delicious bread.

It can ensure that you get to enjoy full meals even on your busiest of days without having to go searching for a take-out menu.

What Can I Make with a Bread Maker?


what can i make with a bread machine

Those of you who don’t have a breadmaker may not have a slow cooker either, but you still may have had the chance to eat some delicious slow cooker chili before.

Do you have a long day ahead of you? Not a lot of time to stay at home? Do you come home tired and debate ordering take-out instead of cleaning out your refrigerator?

Look to your breadmaker. It’ll save you time and money.

If you put the necessary ingredients for slow cooker chili into your bread machine before you leave for work in the morning, then set it and let it cook on low heat all day, you can come home to a delicious smelling house and dinner that you don’t have to pay delivery for.

Monkey Bread

monkey bread in bread machine

What is monkey bread, you ask?

Monkey bread is a phenomenally clever treat, ideal for people with a sweet tooth. What’s better, you can make it in a breadmaker.

Make the dough for your monkey bread in a bread machine, fill that dough with any delicious sweet treats you like, dunk that dough in butter and cinnamon sugar, then put it back in the bread machine to cook.

Don’t worry about the cleaning in between machine uses, either – most bread machines can clean themselves with a little of your help.

Once you’ve taken the first round of dough out of the bread machine, fill the pan with water and soap and let it run while you’re busy pulling your monkey bread together.

Just drain and wipe the sides down before putting your monkey bread in to bake. Bread machines are meant to make your life easy: all you have to do is let them!

Bread and Cakes

what can i make with a bread machine

What can I make with a breadmaker? Bread, of course. Not just all-purpose flour bread, though. Pretzels, bagels, pizza dough, French loaves, crunchy Italian  – just put the necessary ingredients into the machine (checking the machine’s instructions first, however, to see whether dry or wet ingredients go in first), and then let it go.

Most bread machines will even do the kneading of dough for you and will come equipped with a slew of handy attachments that’ll benefit anyone who tires quickly or who doesn’t like getting dough on their fingers.

As well as traditional breads, you can also make cakes in your bread maker too — banana breads, sponges, you name it!

Jam or Jelly

what else can i make with bread maker

Want something to put on the bread you’ve made? A bread machine can do that for you as well.

Some machines even come with a “jam” setting! Put all the ingredients necessary into the bread machine and let time and heat do the work for you.

Maybe do this before you make your bread, though; your homemade jams and jellies can cool while the bread maker helps you finish the rest of this unbeatable duo.

What can I make with a bread machine, then? More like, “What can’t I make with a bread machine?”

These nifty devices help you save time and money in the kitchen by allowing you to pre-prepare tasty treats and hearty meals before you start out on your day.

A breadmaker’s versatility is one of its best qualities, followed shortly by its near-miraculous ability to clean itself.

If you find yourself too busy to make a meal most days, are limited on space, or are unmotivated to cook, a bread machine will help ensure you can feast without the frustration.

What do you make with your bread maker?

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