6 Best Bread Blogs For Amazing Recipes

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Baking bread has never been more trendy than right now.

We’re getting inspired right now by compiling this list of our 6 best bread blogs.

blogs about bread making

Not only will these blogs about bread making hopefully persuade you to get immersed in the art of baking, but they provide some incredible recipes and tips.

Let’s get down to it…

The 6 Best Bread Blogs

Girl Meets Rye

best bread blogs

You’ll want to reach out and tear a bite right out of the freshly baked creations pictured in the deliciously lush photos on the Girl Meets Rye bread blog.

There are some seriously in depth articles on bread making processes here, as well as some excellent recipes – author Francis-Olive Hampton, is clearly passionate about her craft.

This beautiful blog has a focus on artisanal bread recipes and techniques, and includes such delights as Bird Seed Bread, hand milled Red Fife Walnut Bread, and Focaccia Pericoloso with baby spring onions. Articles get pretty technical – which is fantastic for the experienced baker – covering topics such as how to create a culture for sourdough, rye, and whole wheat starters.

Recommended Recipe: One of the most popular recipes on the Girl Meets Rye blog — and one of our favorites — is this rustic Tartine Country Bread


blogs about bread making

Breadtopia author Eric serves up recipes and tutorials for simple baking to nourish body and soul. His blogs about bread making feature video tutorials and recipes for baking artisanal bread at home.

Eric’s passion for baking was first inspired by sourdough French bread, and amongst other bread recipes there are some excellent sourdough recipes like this one for sourdough beer bread. In addition the blog offers a whole host of recipes for sweet things too, like muffins, cookies and pastries.

There’s a great sense of community on the blog thanks to the forum where followers can exchange ideas and get advice. Budding bakers can also get their hands on some nice baking equipment in the online store too.

Recommended Recipe: Beginners should get started with this No Knead Sourdough Bread

Wild Yeast

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An extensive array of delectable bready delights awaits you at Wild Yeast.

Recipes for sourdough, rye, whole wheat, herby, fruity loaves and rolls, filled breads and sweet and savory pastries provide some serious baking motivation. Simple yet thorough step by step method instructions include useful hints and comments, accompanied by appetizing images and some original serving suggestions.

Author Susan is a hobby baker turned professional, and all the yeasted baked goods featured on the blog are personally tried and tested by her. There are even some recipes for soups, salads (all with bread in of course) and pizzas.

Recommended Recipe: For a show stopping centerpiece sure to wow dinner guests we like this amazing Cranberry Semolina Crown With Pine Nuts and Fennel

The Fresh Loaf

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The Fresh loaf is one of the best bread blogs online right now. It’s a hugely popular source of news and information for amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts.

This is a members only site, but membership is free and it’s well worth it as it gives you full access to a terrific forum with thousands of members who share their insights, swap ideas and recipes, plus find answers to the trickiest baking problems. Members can even use the site to create their own baking blogs.

However if you don’t wish to register you can still take advantage of the practical blog posts covering topics from how to bake your very first loaf, to how to make the best glazes.

There’s also a handy section with links to online baking videos plus hundreds of recipes including exotic offerings like Hokkaido Milk Bread with Tangzhong, as well as the more traditional such as French Boule 8 hour bread.

Recommended Recipe: Get herbalicious with this amazing Pain de Provence

My Daily Sourdough Bread

sourdough bread recipes

As the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to all things sourdough.

Slovenian author Natasa experienced fatigue and bloating due to commercial yeast baked products, but she couldn’t bear the thought of life without bread.

Instead she decided to master the art of baking delicious sourdough creations and to share her experiences with the online baking community to show budding bakers the secrets and tricks of sourdough baking in order to help them master the art and the beauty of home sourdough baking themselves.

This well organize blog features beautifully photographed, innovative recipes for both sweet and savory sourdough breads – the roasted pumpkin seed pesto sourdough bread and sourdough doughnuts are particularly tempting. There are some really useful tips and helpful instructional videos too, plus some great articles including 5 ways to make your bread healthy, and how to preserve your sourdough starter when on vacation.

Recommended Recipe: Cross over to the dark side with this charcoal sourdough bread

The Perfect Loaf

best bread recipe blogs

Baking fanatic Maurizio Leo grew up around wholesome Italian home cooking, which encouraged him to develop a true sense of value in preparing good, uncomplicated food.

The Perfect Loaf focuses on taking the time to make bread from scratch — right down to hand milling the flour — and taking pleasure in every step of the process. Sourdough breads feature heavily, with a smattering of other breads as well.

There are lessons for sourdough starter creation & maintenance, followed by numerous recipes using ancient grains, whole grains, porridge, and much more.

The recipes are almost scientific in detail, but the instructions are incredibly clear so they are easy to follow. Gorgeous images of crusty loaves that seem lighter than air add to the visual appeal and motivate you to savour the flavours for yourself.

Maurizio loves to get technical, and he’s working on adding more and more innovative tutorials to the site – like this one for baking with steam in your home oven (using lava rocks and soaked towels) – to inspire other passionate bakers to experiment.

Recommended Recipe: We go crazy for this walnut cranberry sourdough!

What are your favorite bread recipe blogs?

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