Best Homemade High Protein Bread Recipes

high protein bread

High protein diets have become popular among health gurus lately. After all, protein helps build muscle, sheds excess body fat, wards off hunger, and bolsters our immune system. That’s to name just a few of its many benefits. Of course, you can easily get your protein from meats and some dairy products, but if you’re … Read more

Batard Bread Recipe: What It Is & How To Make It

batard bread

What is batard bread? Batard bread gets its unique name from how this kind of recipe is generally considered “inferior” to a traditional baguette. Don’t let the odd name fool you, however. Despite the quirky moniker, batard bread is actually a delicious variant of the baguette that can add fantastic functionality and flavor to your … Read more

No Knead Bread: What Is It?

no knead bread recipe

No knead bread is what happens when innovators are short on time and hungry for fresh, home-made bread. This recipe is so easy! Slap the ingredients together in literal minutes, leave it overnight, and pop it in the oven the next day. Yes, it is that simple. People can even have the dough mixed and … Read more

Low Carb Bread: Everything You Need To Know

low carb bread

What is low-carb bread? It may sound contradictory, but we promise that it’s real. The typical bread in this day and age is made with flour from wheat grains, which is chalk full of carbs. Carbohydrates, whether they’re simple or complex carbs, take forever for your body to process – and they essentially turn into … Read more

Multigrain vs Whole Grain vs Whole Wheat

whole grain vs whole wheat

We know that we’re not the only ones who get confused by all the different types of bread. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between whole grain vs whole wheat or whole grain vs multigrain, you’re in the same boat. Understanding grain products can be seriously perplexing. We see now that the baked goods … Read more