Aucma Stand Mixer Review

aucma stand mixer review

Finding a quality stand mixer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can feel next to impossible. But that may not be the case with the Aucma Stand Mixer (available to buy on Amazon or Walmart). It is easy to use, has a range of different features, boasts a large capacity, and is surprisingly … Read more

Hornbill Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Review

hornbill stand mixer review

Whether you’re an experienced chef or a kitchen hobbyist, the right stand mixer can take all the hassle out of cooking or baking. That is, if you pick the right model. With so many options on the market, each promising the moon, how can you be sure which is right? You don’t want it breaking … Read more

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Review

bosch mum4405 review

A quality stand-mixer can make a dramatic impact on your kitchen adventures – from saving you the grunt work of mixing cookie dough, to whipping meringues into a perfect consistency. However, anyone who’s shopped for these mixers knows they cost an arm and a leg. Are the low-cost options actually effective? How can you tell? … Read more

Cuisinart SM-50 Stand Mixer Review

cuisinart sm-50 review

In the market for a new stand mixer? With countless brands and models to choose from – each promising the moon – it can be difficult to decide. How can you know which offers the best lifespan? Do they live up to their product descriptions acceptably or wonderfully? We’re here to ensure you get the … Read more

FIMEI Stand Mixer Review

fimei mixer review

Anyone who’s tried flimsy hand mixers knows the pain: You’re in the middle of a recipe, then, all at once, the small motor groans and struggles. It comes to a halt, leaving you with half-finished cookie dough and disappointment. Obviously, a durable stand mixer could be your ideal solution. So today, we’re evaluating the FIMEI … Read more

COSTWAY Stand Mixer Review

costway stand mixer review

A stand mixer is a staple in any kitchen. But with all the different options on the market – some with countless features, others with high price tags – how do you know which one to pick? That’s what we’re here for! To help your decision, let’s take a look at the COSTWAY Stand Mixer. … Read more

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221 Stand Mixer Review

hamilton beach stand mixer review

If you’ve ever shopped for a stand mixer, you know how overwhelming it can be. There are countless brands, each promising the best – but which is right? To help you make a great buying decision, today we’re evaluating the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221 Stand Mixer. According to testers, it’s easy to use, helps with … Read more

ALBOHES Stand Mixer Review

albohes stand mixer review

A wide range of stand mixers claim to be the best – offering unique accessories, handy features, and competitive prices. But which models or brands truly measure up? To help you make an ideal buying decision, today we’re evaluating the ALBOHES Stand Mixer. Does it beat the competition? It has a large, 5.5-litre capacity; it … Read more

Dash Stand Mixer Review

dash mixer review

Are you looking for a stand mixer that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t as bulky as some others on the market? The Dash Stand Mixer may be exactly what you’re seeking. With its three-quart, stainless steel bowl; six different speeds; and all the dishwasher-safe attachments, many users have fallen in love with the Dash. … Read more

Hakka Commercial 60 Qt Spiral Dough Mixer Review

hakka dough mixer review

Whether you’re running a restaurant or starting a bakery, you typically need a commercial mixer. But how can you strike a balance on price, strength, and features? Today we’re evaluating the Hakka Commercial 60 quart Spiral Dough Mixer – which may be that perfect fit. Boasting of a 60-quart capacity, two speeds with their own … Read more

Preppal Heavy Duty Commercial Planetary Mixer Review

preppal mixer review

Whether you’re starting a new business or need an upgraded mixer for your existing restaurant, the Preppal Heavy Duty Commercial Planetary Mixer may be your perfect fit. It can hold up to 10 quarts, it’s very easy to use, and it comes with a wide range of attachments to suit nearly any job. With that … Read more

Kenmore Elite Ovation 49083 Stand Mixer Review

kenmore elite ovation review

If you’re in the market for a stand mixer, but haven’t found one you like yet, you may want to try the Kenmore Elite Ovation 49083 Stand Mixer. It is different than nearly all other stand mixers on the market, which we will explore in depth. It has a pour-through top, is easy to clean, … Read more

Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer Review

best commercial mixer

As a business owner, a caterer, or a chef running a restaurant, if you are in the market for a commercial mixer, the Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer may be just what you’re seeking. The Happybuy can make a substantial amount of food, is powerful, and even comes with a few safety features. Unfortunately, not everyone … Read more

Klarstein Bella Rossa Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Review

klarstein bella stand mixer review

The Klarstein Bella Rossa Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is a top of the line dough mixer developed by the Berlin Brands Group Inc. You shouldn’t let that name fool you; this company is located in the beating heart of San Francisco. Then why the German reference, you ask? Because they just couldn’t let go of the … Read more

KitchenAid KSM7586PSR Pro Line Stand Mixer Review

kitchenaid stand mixer

KitchenAid isn’t just any old brand. With their machines making appearances all over the globe, ranging from television to world-famous kitchens, it’s not surprising that they continue to improve on their work. Their work ethic gave way to the creation of the KitchenAid 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer, a machine that can process large amounts … Read more

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro Review

breville mixer

Do you love to bake? Are you the person your family goes to for birthday cakes, holiday cookies, and other sweet treats? Well, no baker, whether they’re an amateur or a professional, can create their best sweet treats without the right equipment. A stand mixer can make baking a much easier task. However, with all … Read more

Posame Stand Mixer Review

best dough mixer

Posame isn’t the biggest of names just yet, but they already have a decent range of products available, showing they care about what goes down in the kitchen. Their Posame Stand Mixer shows they have a strong preference for good-looking machines that are simple to use. This means less computerization and more decent mechanics underneath an … Read more

Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer Review

hakka mixer review

Commercial mixers are in a class all by themselves, and the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer can be called star class at the very least. While the price tag might scare some potential buyers, paying for quality now will save you quite a few bucks down the road when it’s time for repairs. With … Read more

Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer Review

cuisinart sm 55bc review

Whether you’re seeking a stand mixer for yourself or as a gift, finding one that does everything you want it to, and that is going to be long-lasting, can be difficult. There are so many different brands and models on the market; it can be overwhelming to choose. The Cuisinart 5.5-quart 12-speed stand mixer is … Read more

KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer Review

kitchenaid ultra power review

Whether you’re a Food Network star or a take-out fanatic, you’ve probably heard of (or seen) a KitchenAid before. They’re a favorite of several major food shows on television. While most of those are the larger-capacity models, sometimes you may want a smaller (but just as powerful) stand mixer for your own kitchen. That’s where the … Read more

Litchi 5.3 Quart Stand Mixer Review

best stand mixer

Do you like to cook? Maybe you prefer to try different recipes to hone your culinary skills? Or maybe you’re seeking an all-in-one machine that will lessen the amount of clutter in your kitchen? Well, the Litchi 5.3-Quart Stand Mixer might be just the thing for you. It can hold enough cookie dough to make … Read more

KitchenAid KSM8990NP 8-Qt Stand Mixer Review

kitchenaid mixer

Are you looking for a stand mixer that will be able to handle big batches of cookies and dense, sticky bread doughs? Or maybe you are looking for a professional stand mixer for your new baking business venture? Either way, KitchenAid is known far and wide as the best home and professional mixer out there. … Read more

Murenking Stand Mixer MK36 Review

murenking stand mixer review

When it comes to buying a stand mixer, it’s important to consider how many options you’d like for the price point. Higher-end brands offer a wide range of accessories, but do you really need them? Other lesser-known brands offer a lower price but at the cost of durability. If you’re looking to add a new … Read more

Cheftronic Stand Mixer SM-986 Review

cheftronic stand mixer review

In every chef and baker’s life, there are few things more vital in the kitchen than a good mixer. While some name brands are the go-to for shoppers, oftentimes they come with a hefty price tag to boot. So, what are some other options for the at-home baker, which are still reliable? What is the … Read more

KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer Review

kws m b7 review

Kitchenware Station has been poking around everybody’s kitchen for quite a while now. And unlike people who want to meddle in your cooking, they’re ready to lend a helping hand in the most appreciated way; providing you with the tools to whip up the best home-cooking possible. With a product range that’s aimed toward the … Read more

Aicok Stand Mixer Review

best stand mixer

If you’re someone who loves to bake, then you understand that the right utensils make all the difference. It’s one thing to have the right ingredients, but what good are they if you don’t have the necessary appliances? One of the most important tools in a baker’s kitchen is their mixer (next to the oven, … Read more

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Qt Stand Mixer Review

best kitchenaid mixer

From the standard, multipurpose Pullman loaf to sweet brioche to rich focaccia, bread has always been a versatile staple that can bring out the best in any dish. However, bread is only as good as the utensils you make it with. Baking bread can be a strenuous, even very difficult process. A standard whisk isn’t … Read more

Sunbeam 5-Speed Stand Mixer Review

sunbeam mixer review

Before you fork over your hard-earned dough for a stand mixer, you should make sure you are purchasing the best one for your needs. Mixers that are more expensive tend to come with more power and more attachments, but there are less expensive options that cover your basic stand mixer needs. Size, features, attachments, price, … Read more

Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer Review

hamilton beach mixer

The Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer aims to offer the same kind of value higher-priced mixers deliver, while keeping the price low enough to be affordable for beginning bakers who are just getting the hang of things. For those who are starting out, or who need to replace an older model without wishing to plunder … Read more

Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer Review

primo pm10

A heavy-duty stand mixer can be an essential addition to anyone who bakes on a regular basis. Mixers come in all sizes and flavours, and sometimes settling for a cheaper home brand will end up creating as many problems as it solves. Of course, professional bakers need something even more powerful, something they know they … Read more

Ankarsrum AKM 6220 Stand Mixer Review

ankarsrum mixer review

Ankarsrum as a brand has a long, storied history, beginning in Sweden during World War II and building a reputation for long-lasting, versatile appliances that anyone can use. Their stand mixer, the Ankarsrum AKM 6220 Stand Mixer, is now one of the most reliable, cost-effective mixers on the market. But it is so much more. … Read more

Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer Review

hobart n50

The Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer is aimed to the avid at-home baker who loves to whip up batches of cookies, delicious cakes, or a load of bread. It’s easy to use, meaning bakers can get to cooking almost immediately. If you have any beginning bakers at home, introducing them to the Hobart N50 is a … Read more