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It’s pretty obvious what we’re passionate about!

This blog is all about how to bake delicious homemade loaves of bread, and other bread-based treats.

We have dozens of recipes for you to follow, either for baking in a traditional oven, or for producing in one of the many excellent bread machines on the market today.

We also take a look at the many useful bread baking tips that can set you on your way to becoming a baking from home pro.

For those of you just starting your journey, don’t forget to visit our extensive buyer guides of the best baking equipment, which includes our look at the top rated bread machines.

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Get Inspired with Dozens of Tasty Bread Recipes

Bread recipes guide

Got an afternoon to spare?!

Our Bread Recipes portal is packed with inspiration, tasty ideas and step-by-step instructions for recreating some of our favorite bread-based treats.

From sourdough bagels to French croissants; brioche donuts to banana bread… we could go on.

Learn About Bread: Smarten Up Your Baking Skills

Bread theory, tips and FAQs

Want to improve your baking?

Learn about the different loaf types, healthy bread options, the best types of flour, and how to get the most out of your bread machine.

Our extensive Bread Theory portal looks at the science behind the most delicious loaves.

Home Baking Equipment Picks

Looking to kit out your kitchen with the best home baking equipment?

We have a variety of equipment guides covering everything from dough scrapers, to toaster ovens; panini presses to waffle irons. Whether you are looking for baking tools on a budget, or the latest cutting edge professional-grade machinery – our guides will show you the best options for your needs:

Baking Equipment Reviews

We’ve reviewed over 100+ bread machines, ovens and stand mixers from popular brands like Cuisinart, Breville, Zojirushi, Bosch and more.

Check out our latest reviews below:

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