KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer Review

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Kitchenware Station has been poking around everybody’s kitchen for quite a while now. And unlike people who want to meddle in your cooking, they’re ready to lend a helping hand in the most appreciated way; providing you with the tools to whip up the best home-cooking possible.

With a product range that’s aimed toward the home chef as well as the professionals, their desire is to deliver quality. Of special interest to the bread-baking chef is the KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer.

kws m b7 review

Aiming to provide you with the best mixer possible, Kitchenware Station has spared little effort in making sure every baker can whip up a batch of delicious cookies.

Ranging from the stainless steel bowl which we all know and love to their corrosion resistant finish, the KWS M-B7 was built to last. And whether you’re a speed demon or a slowpoke, with twenty different speed settings, you’re sure to find the setting that speaks to you.

Of course these are but of a few features of the KWS M-B7 Commercial Mixer. So it’s time to find out just how this cookie crumbles.

KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 47.45 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.8 x 18.1 inches.
  • Capacity: 7 liters.
  • Speeds: 20 different settings.
  • Bowl type: stainless steel.
  • Motor: 620 watts.
  • Warranty: 1 year factory limited warranty.


20 Speed Settings

As we mentioned in our introduction, the KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer has a whopping 20 speed settings for you to choose from.

Violent mixing for a batch of whipped cream and gentle mixing for something softer are both easy to do without resorting to manual means.

If you’re worried about having to painstakingly figure out your settings, there’s no need. Choosing your speed is done intuitively with the turning of the speed knob at the side of the mixer.

No need to make things complicated when it can be done easy, right?

best dough mixer

Heat Treated Gear System

Few things can destroy a really good engine like constant wear, tear, and the resulting heat.

The internal gears of a mixer can be put through quite the strain when you’re mixing at high speeds or preparing a large batch of heavy bread dough.

Some mixers strain audibly just to get through it all. If you’re claiming the title of best bread mixer, you’ve got to be able to handle the heat.

By heat-treating the gear system of the KWS M-B7, this mixer can stand on its own when the grinding gets real. Placing your hands at the side of this mixer shows it hardly gets warmer, no matter what you’re mixing up.

Corrosion Resistant

We’ve all come to expect a stainless steel bowl by now. It’s the one piece of equipment that’s continuously exposed to batter, grease, and soap suds.

But that means we’re forgetting the actual mixer. Not only does it come into contact with much of the same materials as the bowl, putting it in the dishwasher will have disastrous results.

Kitchenware Station has anticipated this, and so the KWS M-B7 Commercial Mixer is protected by a corrosion resistant layer.

This means your machine won’t just stay around for a long time; it’ll look good while doing it.

Splatter Shield

Ah, splatter. The most unexpected foe of every chef.

Whether it comes from a greasy pan or a mixer lowered too quickly, we’ve all been doused unexpectedly at one point in our life.

With the added splatter shield covering your mixing bowl, at least the KWS M-B7 won’t do this to you.


Iron Bottom Plate

Wobbly mixers are stressful; while you’re pouring in the batter you just know things will topple over, leaving you to watch every movement with dread and resignation.

The KWS M-B7 has a metal plate inserted in the bottom, making it heavier and ultimately steadier. Thanks to this, it won’t wobble while you’re working, and there’s no risk of it running off the counter while you’re working on the highest speed setting.

Who said that slim was all the rage?

Powerful Motor 

The KWS-M-B7 comes equipped with a 620 watt 0.84hp motor to handle whatever baking ingredients you throw in it.

Whether you’re baking cookies or kneading hard dough, this motor makes this mixer powerful enough to handle it all.

This also helps power all 12 speed settings so you can get every job done with little effort from you.

KWS M-B7 Commercial 620W Stand Mixer Review

The Positives

The Sound of Silence

Whipping up a batch of cookies doesn’t have to be a loud affair. You can’t belt along with your favourite song if you can’t hear over your mixer.

The KWS M-B7 Mixer can handle every dough without assaulting your ear drums, meaning you can actually relax a little, while you wait for your dough to get ready.

Smooth Operator

Not only is this mixer quieter than most, it operates almost without flaw.

You’ll be able to skip any jumping or stalls with the KWS M-B7 since this machine runs smooth as butter.

Not having to worry about any jumping from the machine takes the stress off your mind, and leaves the lumps out of your batter.

Handles Tough Dough Easily

Tough gears, different speeds settings, mixing accessories… is there anything missing that will stop you from baking a really good loaf of bread?

Getting creative is easy when you know your mixer can handle any sort of dough you throw at it.

As always, respect the idea of gradually adding your ingredients. No matter how good a mixer, it’s still your skill as a chef that keeps the bread tasting delicious.

Easy Access

Checking up on our dough needs to be easy; it’s just not pleasant to bake blindly. Luckily this mixer is easy to access thanks to the head that tilts up completely.

Keeping a close eye on your budding batch and adding things as needed is easy, adding to the joy of creating goodies.


Easy Cleaning

When you have easy access, it’s safe to say you can expect this mixer will be easy to clean. Thankfully, it is.

The protective coating making this mixer corrosion resistant means you won’t need any extra special cleaners to get the job done – they’re actually best to be avoided.

For the mixer itself, a simple wipe with a damp cloth should take any extra batter right off while the splatter guard keeps from adding stray flour to the exterior.

All the mixer parts including the blade are easy to remove so you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time baking.

Easy to Use

If you’re just getting into the world of baking, it’s easy to be intimidated by all the new, fancy, kitchen gadgets available on the market.

Despite its power and its versatility, the KWS M-B7 Mixer is super easy to use making it great for beginners (and professionals) who want to start trying new recipes asap.

The buttons and switches on this mixer are easy to reach, accessories are easy to attach and mess is kept to a minimum.

As for set-up, you should have your new mixer up and running in no time thanks to its easy-to-handle design.


The Negatives

Lacks Mixing Reach

As powerful and silent as the KWS M-B7 Stand Mixer is, this giant among mixers has one weak spot. When mixing doughs that are more fluid, the mixer just doesn’t seem able to reach the sides of the bowl.

While most bakers will choose this mixer because it can handle the heavy doughs, keep in mind some manual mixing will come into play if you’re going for weaker dough.

Not Suitable For Tiny Kitchens

While more than suitable for at-home baking, this mixer does not play well in a tiny kitchen. This mostly has to do with the head piece, which tilts up and increases the height of the machine.

Choosing a spot for your KWS M-B7 should be done keeping in mind you need extra overhead space for easier access.

And with the weight, moving it around the kitchen as needed cannot be recommended.

Lacks Portability

Speaking of the weight of the KWS M-B7 mixer, while it will definitely stay in place, the heaviness of the mixer won’t make it easy to bring to grandma’s for a baking session.

If you’re thinking about packing this mixer with you on your next bake-off, think again.

While it looks pretty sitting in your kitchen, if you’re looking for something a little bit more lightweight and portable this mixer may not be for you.

Keep in mind that its built to be more of a sturdy kitchen staple than a travelling showpiece.

Overall Verdict

A KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand mixer review is composed out of several elements, just like a good cake.

For one, mentioning the durable design is a must. And then there is the power provided by the engine, with a soothing lack of noise.

The last ingredient: how convenient this mixer is to use and to clean. All these ingredients come together to represent one of the best mixers that Kitchenware Station has ever offered to the grand audience.

Although we can recommend the KWS M-B7 to every level of baker, some care should be taken in placing this mixer. For this reason, students or people living in their first, generally small, starter home might want to opt for a smaller mixer until they get a chance to open up more space.

The same goes for people who don’t enjoy baking bread but are more into recipes demanding ‘weaker’ dough. While the mixer will get the job done, it’s actually easier to tackle tougher dough with the KWS M-B7 mixer.

All in all, we’ve found this mixer to be generally worthwhile, with very few negatives and a few strong points which are often lacking in mixers.

Where to Buy the KWS-MB7 Commercial Stand Mixer

Competing against top brand names like KitchenAid, CuisinArt and Bosch who have been around forever isn’t exactly an easy task.

Though the KWS-MB7 Commercial Stand Mixer holds its own against veteran brands, it may still be a little tricker to find in-store or online.

To start, check out the Kitchenware Station website.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.


That’s it for our review on the KWS-MB-7 Commercial Stand Mixer. Have we tempted you to give it a spin?

KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Mixer Rated

MBAH Verdict

The powerful and durable KWS M-B7 Mixer will tempt bakers and chefs of all levels.

It’s sturdy design is built to last, although if you’re looking for a portable option, this won’t be it.

While this mixer is easy to use, you can be sure it will stand up against heavy doughs and batter.

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  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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