Aucma Stand Mixer Review

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Finding a quality stand mixer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can feel next to impossible. But that may not be the case with the Aucma Stand Mixer (available to buy on Amazon or Walmart).

It is easy to use, has a range of different features, boasts a large capacity, and is surprisingly affordable. With all this, it sounds like the perfect stand mixer for a variety of bakers!

That said, not everyone is after the same thing in a mixer. Those who are sensitive to noise will want a quieter mixer, while budgets will vary.

The question then: is this stand mixer right for you? Before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look in our full Aucma Stand Mixer Review. We’ll see the pros, cons and how it compares to other better known brands on the marketplace.

Introducing the Aucma Stand Mixer

aucma stand mixer review
The Aucma Stand Mixer, in the Champagne color edition

The Aucma Stand Mixer is a versatile stand mixer that comes in a variety of colors, including white and black. It’s compatible with a range of accessories, letting you do much more than just mix dough.

It has been designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly, which should ensure great results when baking or cooking.

This stand mixer works well for both expert bakers and beginners who would like a multi purpose kitchen appliance. It functions as a blender, juicer, food processor and grinder all in one unit. The bowl rotates at six optimized speed settings to provide this flexibility: including high speed for whipping cream or egg whites and low speed for kneading dough or beating eggs.

The mixer is priced competitively – keeping in mind that this is not a commercial grade machine by any means. It’s clearly designed for the home baker.

The Aucma compares favourably to some of the other home baking bestsellers on the market, like the lower capacity but cheaper Hamilton Beach 4qt mixer or the fancy Cuisinart SM-50BC (see our review)

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 13.75 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 9.4 x 12.4 inches.
  • Capacity: 6.5 quarts.
  • Speeds: Six speeds.
  • Bowl Type: Stainless steel bowl.
  • Motor: 660 watts.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty.

Top Features of the Aucma Mixer

Six Speeds

The Aucma Stand Mixer features six different speeds and a pulse function, ensuring there is an appropriate speed any recipe you tackle.

If you’re blending chocolate chips or fruit into your cake, the lowest speed will ensure nothing is broken into shards. If you’re whipping up cream or egg whites, you can use the highest speed, packing as much air into the ingredients as possible.

There is also a pulse feature, allowing you to gradually mix ingredients a little at a time.

6.5 Quart Capacity

The stainless steel bowl of the Aucma Stand Mixer holds 6.5 quarts. This is a much larger capacity than average home stand mixers found on the market.

With this freedom, you can make double batches of cookies, layer cakes, and multiple loaves of bread – all in one bowl!

If you’re in charge of holiday meals, are cooking for a big family, or simply hate clean-up, this mixer will ensure your needs are met without breaking recipes into smaller amounts.

aucma stand mixer review

Three Different Attachments

This Aucma stand mixer includes three different attachments. You receive a whisk for making whipped cream and meringues, so even lighter recipes won’t need your input by-hand.

Second, you’ll enjoy the dough hook when your arms just can’t take kneading and mixing bread dough. Finally, the mixing beater works great for thoroughly mixing cookie dough, cake batter, and brownies.

You also receive a splatter guard, saving your kitchen the mess! Add in ingredients, test out the speed settings, and don’t worry about splashes from the bowl ruining your clothes or countertop.

Tilt-Head Design For Easy Access

This stand mixer has a tilt-head design, providing you with easy access. When you need to check ingredients, add something new, install or remove the bowl, or add and take off attachments, it’s simple.

Just move the lever to unlock the hub and tilt it up. When you’re ready to place it back down, tilt it forward and lock it back into place.

LED Indicator

Around the speed dial, the Aucma Stand Mixer has a blue LED power indicator. When it’s on, the mixer is fully powered; and when it’s off, there is no power reaching the mixer.

This is a safety feature, ensuring you don’t try to clean the bowl or remove attachments when the mixer is powered on. You don’t want to accidentally hit the speed dial and have the mixer spring to life while your hand is in the way!

Additionally, if the light is off, but you have it plugged in, that indicates something may be wrong with your outlet.

Non-Slip Base

On the bottom, this stand mixer also has non-slip feet. These ensure it remains exactly where you’ve placed it.

If you’re mixing thick cookie dough or kneading bread, there’s no danger of the machine “walking” across the countertop or table.

Aucma Stand Mixer Review

The Positives

Super Easy to Use

While some stand mixers come with a learning curve, the Aucma Stand Mixer is intuitive for beginners and kitchen veterans alike. There’s not much to be concerned about when it comes to getting accustomed to this handy and convenient machine.

Aucma stand mixer specs

Slide the bowl into place, lift the tilt head, and click the attachment of your choice into place. Plug in the mixer and add whatever ingredients you prefer. Tilt the mixing head down and ensure it is locked in place.

Turn the speed dial to the recommended pace for your recipe, and wait until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together. Turn the speed dial off to halt the mixer, then unlock and tilt the head up. Remove the bowl – and you’re all set!

It doesn’t take much to mix up your favorite recipes right in your own home wit the Aucma. Some appliances can be complicated, but Aucma ensures you’re not left fumbling around.

Incredibly Versatile

With three different attachments, six speeds, and 6.5 quarts of capacity, you won’t be limited by the Aucma Stand Mixer. Whether you’re creating multiple batches of cookies or just a small cake, you have ample space, precise speeds, and the right tools for the job.

The three attachments mean you can whip, mix, and knead, and the six speeds allow you to slowly stir or quickly whip. Experienced bakers won’t be limited by this stand mixer and newer bakers will be able to grow easily with this mixer. It’s ready to tackle a wide variety of recipes and ingredients.

Instead of spending ample time and effort to knead bread by hand or whip cream to right the stiffness, you can let the Aucma Stand Mixer handle it all. The sky’s the limit!

Amazingly Easy to Clean

No one wants to spend a ton of time scrubbing and cleaning after working hard on a recipe, and fortunately, it seems like Aucma understands.

We’re happy to report that this stand mixer is also very easy to clean. All the attachments, the splash guard, and the mixing bowl can go into the dishwasher. You may need to wash the bowl by hand, as it might not fit in your dishwasher, but that’s up to you.

The stainless steel design means no sticky ingredients refusing to come off, and a basic sponge will do the job. No scrubbing, no scraping – clean-up is just as quick as mixing.

This will save you so much time in the kitchen so you can spend your time tending to other things – like buying more yummy ingredients!

Really Convenient

We loved the convenience packed into the Aucma Stand Mixer. It easily allows you to tackle a wide variety of recipes without thinking twice about if your mixer can handle it.

The speed settings mean adjusting the mixer to the exact pace needed, without flicking between two basic options over time to achieve the needed consistency.

The attachments save any by-hand work, and the stainless steel bowl makes clean-up effortless. Thanks to its large capacity, you can limit the number of batches you need to complete. Just load up one big batch and you’re all set!

From start to finish, you get the same amount of work done with much less effort. If you’re looking for a trusty and efficient companion in the kitchen, you may need to look no further than the Aucma.

Aucma mixer review

Awesome for Large Batches

On that note, we really loved the capacity of this mixer. When stand mixers designed for the home offer a capacity of around five quarts, finding one with an additional 1.5 quarts is definitely special.

Are you tasked with creating baked goods during the holidays and need the extra capacity? Or do you have a big family and need the extra room all year round? The Aucma mixer allows you to mix large quantities without issue.

This means less work from you overall, and you won’t need to use your mixer for lengthy periods on multiple batches.

Surprisingly Affordable

If you’ve been in the market for a stand mixer, you know how expensive they can be. They average around $350, but that is not the case with the Aucma.

This model is generally priced around the $150 mark, although prices will vary across stores. With the capacity and its range of features, this is a fantastic deal.

If you’re on a budget, this is great news.

[Check the latest price on Amazon here]

As a bonus Aucma also includes a 1-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this mixer you can request a replacement or refund. You’ll also have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty protecting against any damages caused in the manufacturing process.

The Negatives

Too Loud For Some

There’s one real negative with the Aucma Stand Mixer: it’s too loud. If you prefer to tackle recipes early in the morning or late at night, this model could be an issue.

It will most likely wake up people in your home, and if you’re sensitive to noise, it can be difficult to use altogether without earplugs.

However, that’s the trade-off for a powerful motor, so you may not consider it a deal-breaker.

How big is the Aucma stand mixer?

Overall Verdict

Overall, we can certainly recommend the Aucma Stand Mixer.

With its wide range of features, ease of use, the capacity, and the affordable price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better stand mixer that is as well supported as this model.

The major drawback is the noise.

If you’re looking for a quiet stand mixer, you’ll want to avoid this machine. We’d recommend the Hamilton Beach 63220 – a machine with similar credentials but a much quieter motor.

See our review: the Hamilton Beach 6322X series, plus our guide to the best stand mixers.

Where to Buy the Aucma Stand Mixer

Aucma is a rising brand with a few star items in their lineup. The Aucma Stand Mixer is one of them, getting rave reviews from customers and enthusiasts.

Thanks to this brand’s growing popularity, items like this stand mixer are becoming sought-after. But, since this brand is still fairly new, finding items like the Aucma Stand Mixer will prove hard both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check appliance, tech, and home department stores, Aucma seems to only currently sell their products through third-party retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

You can check for the best deals below:

That’s the end of our Aucma Stand Mixer review. Are you curious to give it a try?

Aucma Stand Mixer Rated

MBAH Verdict

There’s not much to dislike about the Aucma Stand Mixer. It’s a great addition to a variety of kitchens thanks to its versatile and convenient design.

While those sensitive to noise should take caution, this stand mixer packs some serious power – it’s a great choice for large batches.

  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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