Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer Review

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The Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer is aimed to the avid at-home baker who loves to whip up batches of cookies, delicious cakes, or a load of bread.

hobart n50

It’s easy to use, meaning bakers can get to cooking almost immediately. If you have any beginning bakers at home, introducing them to the Hobart N50 is a quick and easy task.

The only true negative is the price tag, which seems rather steep at first glance.

But first glances can be deceiving, especially after taking a closer look at the many pros this machine offers.

Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 49.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17” height x 15” length x 12” width
  • Speeds: 3 different speeds
  • Bowl type: Manual bowl lift, 5-quart capacity, stainless steel
  • Motor: 348 watts
  • Warranty: Unit has a full 1-year warranty on parts and labor against manufacturer’s defects, and a carry-in warranty to local authorized Hobart service offices.


3 Speed Settings

The Hobart N50 has quite a bit of power stored. With three different speed settings, you can adapt the speed to whatever specific recipe you’re working on, preventing those classic over- or under-beatings.

The design of the motor still allows the full potential of your chosen speed setting to be achieved, however, so there’s no half-measures – just you receiving as much control as you want.

Durable Bowl and Beaters

The bowl, beater, and other accessories are all stainless steel.

The bowl is moved with the hand lever, which is easy to find and operate, and it locks in for safety and functionality. No one likes a skiddy bowl while mixing.

The lift-arm pins and flanges have been designed with the same care as the rest of the machine.

As long as you correctly connect the bowl to the rest of the mixer, it’ll be nearly impossible to wobble.

hobart n50 review

Hobart Agitators

The Hobart agitators are state of the art and meant for heavy-duty, daily use.

Thanks to the sheer strength hiding in the N50, you’ll be able to mix any type of batter with any type of ingredient.

Powerful Motor

Hobart has specialized for years in mixers that can be used in both industrial levels and at home.

The N50 is one of their latest models and combines all of their previous know-how.

As such, it is one of the most high-powered machines on the market.

Whether it’s a light, fluffy batter or a sturdy dough that will be baked into a filling bread, the N50 treats it all the same.

Frustration Free

It’s not a surprise that the N50 has a certification of free frustration.

Although the design is compact and packs a lot of force, Hobart has designed this machine to be super easy to use.

With its large controls and easy to reach and maneuver settings and switches, your recipes will be more confusing than the mixer itself.

Significantly Reduced Cool Times

The 1/6 H.P. Hobart-designed motor, in combination with the gear-driven transmission, reduces on cool-down times and increases the overall performance.

Many at-home mixers often require a cool-down period or you risk accidentally heating your dough, but the N50 minimizes friction, so your dough experiences no premature heating and the end product will be of a higher quality than before.

Wide Variety of Attachments

Since Hobart is a well established producer, there’s a wide variety of attachments available.

If you can’t get by with the included flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook, a quick search will yield extra accessories in no time.

hobart n50 commercial mixer review

Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer Review

The Positives

Able to Take on Heavy Mixes

When it comes to handling thicker mixes, such as bread dough, most machines fall short. However, one of the most appealing features of this mixer is the sheer power behind it.

Because of the design, it doesn’t matter what batter you’re preparing; the Hobart razes through it as if it were mixing air.

Full Power

The fact that this mixer can take on thicker ingredients could be due to the Hobart N50 always operating at full power.

The three settings included on the mixer are meant to simply adjust the speed at which you’re mixing. But just because there are only three settings doesn’t mean you’re limited.

While most home mixers only use full force on the highest setting, the N50 differs. No matter the setting, you can be sure that the mixer is giving everything it can at the set speed.

No skimping on power here.

The Durability

Ideally we buy machines not only because they fulfill a purpose, but because they will keep doing that for a long period of time.

Thanks to an excellent design and care for sustainability, the Hobart will last you for years without letting you down, and truly deserves the title of best dough mixer.

If you’re interested in a single-buy that’ll be an only buy, your best chances are with this machine.

No Downtime

In addition to being super reliable and powerful, the N50 does it all without breaking a sweat.

There is minimal downtime when attacking your recipes so you won’t have to worry about your machine stalling when you’re pressed for time.

More Control Over How Your Recipes Are Handled

The gear-driven transmission does more than reduce the heat.

Thanks to the easily accessible controls, it’s simple to choose the appropriate setting for your current endeavour.

No matter if you only need to do some light mixing, or are working with a heavy dough, the N50 will leave you with a beautiful result that doesn’t show a lump.

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Because of the high degree of power it commands, you might be fearful of this thing rocking off your counter – potentially leaving a dent in your floor.

However, the Hobart’s design is meant to keep its centre of gravity low and reduce wobbling, not only ensuring your mixes are more even with reduced spillage, but also ensuring it will not move once placed.

You can have it beating away at bread dough like nobody’s business, and it’ll still be steady.


We’ve noted that the Hobart N50 is stable, durable and powerful but it’s incredibly comforting to know that Hobart stands behind their product with an included warranty.

The warranty on the N50 Commercial Mixer covers the mixer for a total year after purchase.

Perfect for Business

This machine packs so much power that it can be used for those of us who churn out goodies on a daily occasion.

If you’re a caterer or own a kitchen, this mixer will be sure to stand alongside other commercial mixers to make sure you’re efficiently able to produce orders.

No need to upgrade.

Ease of Use

We mentioned that this mixer is certifiably frustration free.

This mixer caters to professionals and novices alike thanks to its easy design.

From set-up to mixing it’s hard to be stumped by this powerful machine. Whether you’re a star baker, or just starting out, you’ll be just fine in the N50’s hands.

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If you’ve ever been inside a bakery or even a kitchen, you know it can be noisy with all the clinks and clatters of making a recipe come together.

Thankfully, the Hobart N50 operates at a hum, which is a definite bonus to add.

For a machine so powerful, we are surprised at the minimal noise the mixer makes. It’s great to know if you’re mixing at home you won’t be annoying family members … or yourself.

The Negatives

The Weight

Of course, every machine has a few issues to work out. Though the Hobart N50 is the smallest machine in the Hobart line-up, that power has to generated somewhere.

With a lot of machinery compacted into such tight confines, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s a weighty mixer.

With a little less than 50 pounds to its name, the Hobart N50 pretty much demands a permanent space in your kitchen.

This is one of the reasons why fervent bakers will be happier with the N50 than occasional hobbyists.

Switching Between Speeds

In order to switch between speeds, you need to turn off the mixing completely.

This may cause some frustration while you’re still getting used to the system, and may feel like an unnecessary impediment.

The most likely reason for this feature is to avoid accidentally switching from a low speed to a higher speed.

However, if you’re in a rush for a dinner or will be using this mixer often, it’s an extra few minutes that might really start to count.

The Price

The Hobart N50 may be the best mixer on the market, but the price tag is liable to frighten more than a few people.

The offset to this is that the N50 is guaranteed to last for more than a few years, outliving a number of cheaper mixers.

Overall Verdict

The Hobart N50 is one of the best dough mixers on the market, known for its incredible mixing power, durable design, and improvements in comparison to earlier models.

It comes with the necessary basic implements, which can be improved on later as your needs grow.

If you’re working with heavy-duty dough or need large quantities to be mixed throughout the day, the N50 will keep up without a hitch.

Its biggest downsides are the weight and the price tag, though both can be seen in a relative light.

Due to the combination of these factors, the N50 is recommended for bakers who bake often or need a mixer that can handle anything.

Because this mixer will last for years, it’s very suitable in teaching younger members of your household the tricks of the trade.

In short, though this mixer would be a joy to anyone who loves baking, because of the price tag and weight, it’s best seen as an investment.

The years of use are a huge plus with the Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer, and for those who are convinced of its usefulness, it’s a purchase they won’t regret.

Where to Buy the Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer

Given the more commercial status of the Hobart N50, it might be a little tricky to find at your usual department store.

To start, check out these online retailers.

It’s also available on Amazon.

hobart n50 review

That’s it for our review on the Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer. Have you tried it out yet?

Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer Rated


The Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer may be the best mixer on the market thanks to its durable design and power.

The N50 keeps up with heavy doughs and large quantities without backing down, saving you time and hassle.

The price tag that comes with the Hobart N50 makes this an investment for those who enjoy baking on a regular basis.

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  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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