Aicok Stand Mixer Review

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If you’re someone who loves to bake, then you understand that the right utensils make all the difference. It’s one thing to have the right ingredients, but what good are they if you don’t have the necessary appliances?

One of the most important tools in a baker’s kitchen is their mixer (next to the oven, of course). The mixer makes the stressful, sometimes painful task of mixing ingredients easier.

With the Aicok Stand Mixer, you’ll be making loaves of bread and other sweet, savory goodies in no time at all.

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But with so many other options available, why should you be interested in a stand mixer – let alone this one?

Each loaf of bread or batch of muffins requires its own unique blend of dough that, more often than not, hand mixing just cannot accomplish. Even if you have an electric mixer, it may not be equipped to give you the desired thickness or consistency you’re looking for.

The Aicok Sand Mixer features a large 5-quart bowl, a tilt-able head, a super powerful motor, six speeds, and double dough hooks. Combined with its affordable pricing, this mixer may be the perfect kitchen helper. But no mixer is perfect, so where does it fall flat?

Here we break down all the good and the bad, so you can decide if it’s time to make a buy – or time to keep shopping.

Aicok Stand Mixer: The Details


  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8×5.9×12.2 in.
  • Capacity: 5 quarts
  • Speeds: 6 speeds
  • Bowl Type: stainless steel w/comfy handle
  • Motor: 500 watts, high performance
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty


Tilt-Back Head

Ease of use is an important aspect in any kitchen appliance, and the same is very true for your mixer.

Getting the right dough consistency is hard enough, so having to fumble around with your mixer can make things more difficult.

This Aicok Stand Mixer comes with a tilt-back head that allows for easy bowl removal and makes switching accessories less of a headache.

You also won’t have to worry that you accidentally broke your mixer trying to pry it open!

Suction Cups

So you have all your ingredients in the bowl and you’re ready to get mixing.

You turn on the mixer and the bowl begins to wobble and shake. Next thing you know the dough ingredients are splattered everywhere and you’re left with a mess that no splash guard could have prevented.

It turns out that the bowl wasn’t sitting securely within the mixer!

This mixer comes with silicone suction cups so that this scenario won’t happen to you. The suction cups help hold the bowl in place so that all ingredients remain in the bowl, and the bowl remains in the mixer.

A steady bowl leads to ingredients being combined more thoroughly, leading to better batter and dough.


Having to invest in extra tools after already spending money on a fancy mixer is annoying, and that’s where Aicok saves you time.

A mixer is only as good as its attachments, and the Aicok Stand Mixer comes with the standard flat beater, whisk, and splash guard.

This allows you to make cookie batter or fluffy filling all without having to worry about the ingredients flying everywhere.

These accessories will ensure that your mixtures are blended evenly, perfectly, and consistently for better flavour.


1-Piece Pouring Shield

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, your Aicok mixer will also come with an all-in-one pouring shield.

This plastic shield makes life a little easier by avoiding spills and flour showers. The mess that occurs when adding ingredients while mixing is also eliminated when using this shield.

Another way Aicok makes it easier for you.


It goes without saying that having a mixer with a slow, medium, and high speed just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Certain doughs and batters require a special touch that three basic speeds cannot provide. This can limit the number of breads and pastries you can bake.

The good thing about this mixer is that it has six speeds that can better handle your baking needs. From slow stirring to medium-fast mixing, it can handle whatever task you give to it.

Aicok Stand Mixer Review

The Positives

Great for Beginners

This mixer provides ease of use like few others do, especially when you consider the range of speeds it offers.

You don’t have to fuss with complicated screens; simply put the head down, flip the switch, and let it run.

It’s steady, durable, and strong, but also incredibly simple, making it a great introduction to those who want to beat away at heavy dough but don’t need bells or whistles.

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Excellent Warranty

The most common issue with mixers is how quickly their motors burn up.

At times this can be caused by faulty wiring, and after investing a decent amount of money, having to buy a new one is both frustrating and unacceptable.

Luckily, this mixer comes with a decent two-year warranty, providing ample time to work out its strengths and weaknesses – and get a replacement at no cost to yourself if necessary.

If you discover any errors in quality or manufacturing, simply contact Aicok and they’ll be able to take it from there.


We all know the drill, you purchase an item, and the seller seems to forget you ever existed – especially if you have a question or if you encounter an issue.

Aicok won’t leave you stranded if you have any pressing questions about your stand mixer. They offer a lifetime of technical support that promises to be fast, helpful and flexible.

While it sometimes may take 24 hours for a response, depending on where you’re located, a promise of handling basic technical issues quickly and efficiently is something to not overlook.

A Perfect First-and-Only Mixer

When you’re settling into your first apartment or have to downsize when attending school, the space available in your kitchen is limited.

This Aicok Stand Mixer is light enough to fit most kitchens, but also durable enough to stand the test of time.

aicok stand mixer review


Mixers with this much power and control often don’t come cheap, yet Aicok provides a tantalizing price tag to match their mixer’s horsepower.

The price tag is less than you’d expect to spend on any other mixer with these many strong features. You won’t have to put yourself back hundreds of dollars to get a professional quality tool in your kitchen.


If you’re taking classes, or looking to show off your baking skills outside of your kitchen, this mixer will appeal to you.

While it stands up against other quality mixers in its range and level, it’s also lighter than some others on the market, opening up a variety of options.

Want to rearrange the kitchen? Go for it. Need to help a party host bake up some goodies? No biggie.

The simple and lightweight design of the Aicok Stand Mixer makes moving this appliance around a lot less of a hassle.

The Negatives

No Colour Selection

The fun thing about mixers is that, nowadays, they come in a kaleidoscope of colours to match the style and scheme of your kitchen or reflect the vibrancy of your personality.

Since the mixer is one of the most important tools in your kitchen, it’s only natural that there should be some variety.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the Aicok Stand Mixer…it only comes in black.

Although black is a universal colour known for being able to go with almost anything, in the wrong environment, it can stand out like a sore thumb. That, and not everyone’s favourite colour is black.

If you are wanting your mixer to come in a rainbow of colours, hues, and finishes, then this mixer won’t give you that option.


Aicok isn’t a well-known brand; this review is probably the first time you’ve ever heard of it. That isn’t to say that this mixer is bad (it isn’t), just that Aicok is an unfamiliar brand that you can’t associate anything with.

Is it universally regarded as good or bad? How is the quality of their product? With a new brand, you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting into, and unless you’re a risk taker, then you might be inclined to stick with what you know.

Rock and Roll Mixing

Okay we’re not exactly saying your kitchen will turn into a rock and roll stadium show when you start mixing with the Aicok Stand Mixer – but it won’t be easy on the ears.

While the lower speed settings seem to be not too jarring, when you pick up the pace and power, the mixer becomes hard to ignore.

If you don’t plan on whipping up late night snacks, or aren’t too sensitive to noise, this won’t be a problem but those looking for a quiet experience might need another option.

Not Many Bells and Whistles

While this is an asset, it’s also a downside if you were hoping for more. Aicok is great at is being a mixer, but that’s it.

There aren’t any special attachments that can turn it into another tool to be used around the kitchen.

Considering that it stands up to other mixers in its range, you’d expect it to offer a number of extras, but it doesn’t.

Sure, a mixer should do what it’s designed to do, but we live in a day and age where the more something can do, the better – and some of us like it that way.

Overall Verdict

Simple, sleek, yet powerful, the Aicok Stand Mixer will knead dough like nobody’s business.

It packs a lot of power within its small frame, and it’ll be sure to make a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

However, it’s straightforward and unassuming, so if you’re a professional baker who needs more from your mixer, it’s best to keep looking.

Where to Buy the Aicok Stand Mixer

Aicok’s lack of branding makes it easy for this blender to be drowned out by the likes of better known brands that have been around for ages.

While it has grown to be a highly-rated, popular item, it can still be tricky to find the Aicok Stand Mixer in-store or online.

To start, it’s readily available on Amazon.

best stand mixer

That wraps up our review on the Aicok Stand Mixer. Curious to give it a try?

Aicok Stand Mixer Rated

MBAH Verdict

While the Aicok Stand Mixer may not be well known, it definitely stands up to the likes of veteran brands.

It’s durable, easy design, and power makes this a top choice for any beginner or professional.

While it’s simplicity may be a deterrent to some, it’s definitely a benefit to others who just want to make delicious things, at an affordable price.

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  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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  1. Amazon is not accepting reviews of the Aicok Stand Mixer, which is beyond comprehension. This little guy has been the answer to all my mixing needs. No. 1 – lightweight! When the box arrived, I approached it expecting a terrible back strain. I giggled when I realized how light it is. I was literally tossing it in the air and catching it. I have a teeny, one-butt kitchen, so this mixer would have to be stored in a pantry. So, first requirement – lightweight: CHECK. Next, power. I’m not much of a cook and never a baker, so breads and pie crusts aren’t an issue for me. But, as an artist and frustrated architect, I’ve moved into the world of gingerbread. Not a dough that is easily accomplished with a hand mixer. Most of the work is done by hand, and, with a shoulder injury and carpel tunnel, a future in kneading dough was grim. This little blender handled it beautifully , even a double batch. Eureka! For those reviewers that commented frustration at needing to scrape the bowl – be patient! Let it roll a couple more minutes, and your bowl will be completely clear. And the dough falls away from the non-stick blades. Color choices seems to be the only legitimate complaint. Hey, nothing classier than black. 5 stars here.

  2. Same here. I just tried to give it a review and I couldn’t. Anyway, thanks for your the posting on this site and for the review above. I have an issue on my shoulder and it’s quite difficult to knead. And I love baking. I almost bought the Hamilton beach which coats 80 dollars. But, fortunately, I read this information here e choose this one for 20 dollars plus and worth it. I’m using a lot. Works very well and the price is fabulous compared to the others. Good work here! And again, thanks a lot. Cooking with no shoulder pain is priceless!


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