Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer Review

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Commercial mixers are in a class all by themselves, and the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer can be called star class at the very least.

While the price tag might scare some potential buyers, paying for quality now will save you quite a few bucks down the road when it’s time for repairs.

hakka mixer review

With the mechanical gear system to control three distinct speeds, the Hakka HLM10A is sure to contribute to your baking for a long time.

As a company, the Hakka Brothers were established in 2004. More than ten years later, they have established a reputation for relatively cheaper machines that are safe and easy to use.

By keeping their kitchen appliances as simple as possible, there’s little to no learning curve. Their safety mechanisms ensure that no machine will become active while this might pose a danger to you or your coworkers.

Their Hakka HLM10A is a good example of their work ethics; sized for a medium to large bakery and fitted with a safety rail, you’ll find that this machine puts your wellbeing in the top spot.

Our only concern is that, while it works to satisfaction, the Hakka HLM10A has not made any improvements on the ease to clean after use.

Now that we’ve touched on the surface of this machine’s features, it’s time to really dig in and see what the best commercial mixer can do for you.

Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 88 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 19 in.
  • Capacity: 10 quarts.
  • Speeds: Three different speeds.
  • Bowl Type: Stainless steel.


10 Quart Bowl

Commercial mixers are expected to pull their weight in a kitchen, and the Hakka Planetary Mixer is no exception to this rule. With 10 quart capacity, this mixer will fit well in a medium to large bakery.

Whether you’re just filling your daily orders or suddenly have to prepare a feast fit for royalty, the Hakka Planetary Mixer is ready to make your life a whole lot easier.


With 88 pounds of stainless steel to boast of, the Hakka Planetary Mixer can’t exactly be counted as a lightweight machine.

While this makes it harder to move around if you feel like redecorating, it does provide some much-needed stability for a busy environment like a bakery.

best mixer for dough

Accidentally bumping into this mixer won’t make much of an impact, and you’ll find it doesn’t tip over or spill its contents on a whim.

Only Three Speeds

While three speeds certainly cover the basics of any recipe, it would have been nice to see more of a variety of speeds for this Hakka commercial dough mixer.

The upside to these three speeds is that there is a decided difference in each setting, so you will get your money’s worth out of each.

While it beats having a double amount of settings that hardly differ, we feel this is somewhat of a missed chance that could have truly made this mixer stand out from the competition.

Safety Guard

There’s no underestimating the need for safety on the job. Under the right circumstances, a bakery can be just as dangerous as a butcher shop.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure the appliances you purchase are up to safety standards.

With the safety guard, it becomes impossible to accidentally reach inside the mixer while it’s active. And if the safety guard is raised, you’ll find you can’t turn on the mixer.

This will save from accidents, spills, and even mistakes when baking, and if children are in the environment, this feature is priceless.

Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer Review

The Positives


While a bakery that’s been in business for a while has all the accessories they need, beginning entrepreneurs happily take all the help they can get.

Standard accessories that come with the mixer include a stainless steel wire whip, an aluminum flat beater, and an aluminum dough hook.

You’ll have everything you need to get started on the same day the Hakka Planetary Mixer is delivered! This saves so much hassle from rushing out to your local store and saves on your wallet too.

Whether you’re working out of a bakery, or host your business out of your personal home kitchen, this is definitely a happy bonus.

hakka mixer review


A big bowl and a few new accessories mean you’ll be ready to take on a variety of recipes that come your way.

Whether you’ve perfected that big batch of chocolate chip cookies or you’re looking for a way to whip up some new bread dough, this machine has you covered.

It’s powerful enough to take on heavy loads of dough, while still leaving you with the chance to mix up a smaller batch of meringue or frosting if needed.

And since this machine is built to last, you’ll be able to grow with it as you learn and tackle more intimidating and elaborate recipes.

Delivered On Location

Buying a new commercial mixer can be a true ordeal, especially when transport becomes involved.

Hakka Brothers deliver all your large appliances to your business, so no need to hire an extra truck and stay home on specific days to accommodate a delivery schedule.

Once it shows up, it’ll be ready to go within an hour at most, allowing you to dive right into use.

ETL Certification

Along with the safety features included with the Hakka 10-Qt Commercial Mixer, it also comes certified.

The ETL Certification shows that a product complies with all North American safety regulations.

Since Hakka Brothers ensure all of their products are up to code, you can put your concerns to rest. It’s not only safe and reliable but can take a bit of a beating.


Speaking of taking a beating, the biggest advantage of mechanical systems over computerized ones is how durable these are and the advanced control they offer over your production process.

Durable is the key word here; the Hakka Planetary Mixer was made to last and will be a member of your kitchen for a long time to come.

Since this is something you really need to keep in mind when running a business, it’s an important feature for any appliance. No one wants their mixer to break down mid-bake!

Just Right in Size

While the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary mixer is bigger than your usual personal stand mixer, it’s still not too big that you won’t find space for it.

While it’s heavy, you’ll still be able to find room for this machine on your bakery kitchen counter.

This makes it easy to get into an easy groove by having your machine nearby and won’t be too overwhelming to commercial bakers who are just starting out.

Though thanks to its weight, you may want to find a permanent position on your counter.

Warranty and Service

To really make sure your machine stays safe and in operation, Hakka has also included a 1-year warranty to protect against any damages that you may find in your machine.

Should you notice any issues in craftsmanship or manufacturing, you’ll need to contact the company and they will decide to repair or replace your mixer.

hakka 10 quart commercial planetary mixer

Their contact information can be found on their website (and on Amazon) and the Hakka customer service department is known for being responsive and helpful – one user even mentioned he chatted with the owner!

It’s always great when a company stands by their product and in this case, they won’t leave you hanging.

The Negatives


For all its positives, there has been little effort made in ensuring this mixer becomes easier to clean.

While experienced commercial bakers will shrug and get down to business, first-timers will probably need to get used to cleaning a large mixer.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it is a point that should be addressed in future models.

Few Test Opportunities

Generally, we advocate for finding a third opinion to make sure you’re really getting what you signed up for.

But since commercial mixers are a big investment, and there is a huge and varied offer, it can be hard to find someone else who has had the opportunity to get into the gritty details of the Hakka Planetary Mixer.

If you have the chance, be sure to ask other bakers about their impressions and compare notes while keeping your own specific needs in mind.

Overall Verdict

Finding the best dough mixer for commercial purposes isn’t easy since every company has its own specific needs.

But in this Hakka HLM10A review, we found that, as a commercial mixer, it scores well on the aspects we find to be important for any business, large or small.

They comply with safety regulations, have made a durable machine, and it can handle large amounts of dough at the same time.

Its heavy weight and sturdy design mean it will be able to do long shifts, hours at a time without breaking down, making it a real boon for any company.

While we did find it somewhat disappointing that there are only three available speeds, these are distinct enough to still count them as a plus in this machine’s setup.

In short, we can recommend the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer to owners of medium to large bakeries that need to process large amounts of dough on a daily basis.

If you’re a private baker, or only need to process large amounts of dough on a sporadic basis, this mixer will probably be too much of a good thing for you.

If you’re the owner of a small bakery just starting out, but have your sights set on future expansions, this could still be a valuable investment.

Where to Buy the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer

If getting your hands on a heavy-duty commercial mixer is already a hard task, finding the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Mixer probably won’t be any easier.

While this brand has a number of appliances under their belt, both commercial and domestic, it’s not a brand often heard of in advertisements from your favorite department or specialty shops.

Despite its high-quality performance and recommendations, this mixer might prove tricky to find both in-store and online.

Thankfully though, you’ll be able to find the Hakka Commercial Mixer on Amazon.

hakka mixer review

That’s it for our Hakka mixer review. Are you willing to give it a try?

Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer Rated

MBAH Verdict

Don’t let the Hakka 10 Quart Commercial Planetary Mixer fly under your radar. It’s a sturdy, powerful yet safe machine that’s built to last you for years to come.

Backed by a warranty and great customer service, the flaws are hard to find in this machine.

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  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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