Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer Review

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A heavy-duty stand mixer can be an essential addition to anyone who bakes on a regular basis. Mixers come in all sizes and flavours, and sometimes settling for a cheaper home brand will end up creating as many problems as it solves.

Of course, professional bakers need something even more powerful, something they know they can depend on day to day.For both home and commercial bakers, there are restaurant-grade mixers available to really step up your recipes.

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One of these mixer is the Primo PM-10, a sturdy, stainless steel mixer that will give you consistent results and the durability of a heavyweight armoured truck.

This is one of the best mixers available for sheer power and reliability. It has a few limitations, but if you’re willing to look at pricier professional models, it’s going to take you a long way in your baking game.

Let’s dive into our Primo PM-10 review and see what this mixer can do.

Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 196 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 13 x 15 inches.
  • Capacity: 3.3 pounds of flour, 10-quart bowl.
  • Speeds: 3 (low, medium, high).
  • Bowl type: Stainless steel.
  • Motor: 375 watts (½ hp).
  • Warranty: 1-year, repair/replace.


  • Aluminum flat beater
  • Stainless steel wire whip
  • Aluminum dough hook


Three Speeds

The Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer comes with three speed settings: low, medium, and high.

The lower speeds are ideal for thick, heavy doughs and chunky batter, while the higher speeds get you a frothy whip consistency—perfect for egg whites, meringues, and other delicate mixtures.

The manual asks that you not jump between speeds without stopping the machine first; that will ultimately wear down the mixer, but there’s also not a lot of need to shift between different settings, because they’re perfectly calibrated to go with each specific consistency.

Gear-Driven System

Unlike motorized mixers, Primo machines operate with gears, increasing their longevity over time and making them much more durable than some of their competitors.

The transmission gears are made from hardened steel alloy and are dependably resistant to corrosion, so they will keep going and going as long as you need them.

No need to worry about a motor blowing out or getting overworked and overheated.


The standard capacity for the Primo PM-10 is a 10-quart bowl, though your actual volume size will vary depending on the required speed settings.

The manual comes with a handy table to match your bowl capacity with the recipe, so you will know how much you can put in without risking an overflow.

Volume capacity is a big plus, but this mixer also has a lot of success with solid mixtures that are dense and difficult for most machines to work with.

So whether you’re using it to whisk fine egg whites or dumping nuts, fruit and chips in with your dough, the Primo PM-10 is more than up for the challenge.


This mixer sits on four strong, supportive legs that lift the machine slightly above a flat surface, and this design makes it impossible for the mixer to slide around at high speeds.

It also makes it easy to clean around the mixer without needing to move it.

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The timer can be set for up to thirty minutes, which gives you plenty of time to turn your attention to other tasks or other parts of your recipe.

Safety Features

The Primo PM-10 also includes a safety feature that prevents the machine from turning on unless the bowl guard is locked in place, which prevents anyone from catching their fingers in the blades.

There’s a fairly involved interlocking process that keeps the bowl, agitator, and body all perfectly lined up and secure, and it’s impossible to actually start the machine unless all those elements are locked in place.

That’s a good thing, especially in busy, industrial kitchens or even a home kitchen crowded with young children (or inattentive bakers, although we hope you’ll stay alert during the cooking process!).

This Primo mixer also includes an emergency stop button placed conveniently on the side so you can quickly hit it if any problems occur.

Basically, the safety systems on this machine are built so that no part of the mixer will be a weak link—everything is going to stay in place and outlast your wildest cooking experiments.


Visually, the stainless steel surface doesn’t really read as very modern, and it’s a bit too bulky to make for a nice, attractive centrepiece to your kitchen space.

But the Primo products are mostly specialized for commercial kitchens and extremely frequent use.

Although there are prettier options out there, you can tell just by looking at the PM-10 that it’s designed to provide maximum functionality.

And, at almost 200 pounds, it’s not something you should put on anything wobbly, and you’ll need to take care not to use it on cheap countertops in case it dents the surface.

The good news is that once you install it in your kitchen, it’s not going anywhere. You can set the mixer to the highest speeds without worrying about holding it in place.

Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer: The Review

The Positives

Worth the Price

Most of us think we can get by with cheap mixers, but anyone who bakes on a regular basis will quickly find their machines wearing down, unable to handle heavy loads.

The Primo PM-10 is a professional-grade machine that easily compares to more expensive, commercial mixers used in restaurants of all sizes, which makes it a smart and reliable investment for anyone who wants a high-powered mixer they can depend on.

Large Capacity

Another good reason to purchase this product is that it’s a large-capacity machine that can handle several quarts of dough again and again.

This mixer won’t wear down even after a long day of working, so you can rest easy knowing that you can throw all kinds of stuff at it that would make a regular mixer whirr and whine.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, this mixer comes in 20-quart and 30-quart versions, which is frankly a ridiculous amount, but if that’s your dream, you can follow it!


Sometimes, a little uncertainty when it comes to buying a product can be resolved with the promise of help if anything were to go awry.

The Primo PM-10 comes with a one year warranty so you can put your worries aside.

This warranty covers damages or defects in the manufacturing or craftsmanship of the mixer as long as it has been used normally.

All you have to do is contact the company and they will handle it all. You won’t even have to pay the shipping costs.

Aluminum Accessories

As mentioned, the Primo PM-10 includes a dough hook and flat beater so you can alternate uses on your mixer.

Both the dough hook and flat beater are aluminum. This means that while you can’t throw these in the dishwasher, you can at least know these add-ons won’t corrode easily.

The aluminum used on this mixer is anodized meaning it resists against corrosion from acids and salts.

This little detail takes the worry or stress out of replacing your accessories anytime soon and sometimes its the little things that count.

Great for Small Businesses

While any busy home cook would be impressed by the power of the Primo PM-10, this is also a great option for those who may have a business whipping up recipes for hungry customers.

Thanks to the power and commercial quality of this mixer, it will definitely stand up to the pressure of churning out a ton of cookie dough in time for those holiday deliveries.

Whether you’re an occasional baker or bustling cook, this machine won’t disappoint.

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The Negatives

Some Adjustments Needed

The adjustable components of the machine are few and far between, which is a good thing, because you want your mixer to be stable and consistent.

But sometimes that makes it difficult to move the bowl in and out when you need it, and you may need to adjust the screws yourself when working with heavy dough so that the machine stays silent and secure.

Very Heavy

This is a massive, sturdy mixer, so you’ll need to do your research before picking it up to make sure you have room for it in the kitchen.

The weight alone makes it tricky to just set it on any countertop, so you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be able to support it.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’ll make enough use for it to upgrade from a cheaper, smaller mixer, and that you can work around it without needing to move it once it’s installed.

An open kitchen counter without any overhanging cabinets is the best bet. But even then, it can be a big leap for many bakers to put something that heavy in a home kitchen.

Unimaginative Design

The way the Primo PM-10 is constructed is pretty standard, almost disappointingly so.

It’s aiming for an industrial market, based purely on the quality of its mixing, which is well worth it.

But if you know you’re going to have it out in the open, you might want to look at other options that are a bit more versatile.

Overall Verdict

This is a top-notch, durable mixer that has a great track record with pretty much any kind of dough you can imagine, and it’s a safe bet for frequent bakers and professional settings.

What the Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer lacks in portability and style, it more than makes up for in its simple operation and great security features, and it’s definitely a machine built to last.

Where to Buy the Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer

Due to the commercial design and power of the Primo PM-10 Mixer, it can be a little tricky to find in your casual home or department stores.

Instead, you might be better off heading to restaurant or catering supply stores if this mixer is what you’re after.

For starters, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, its also available on Amazon.

Primo PM 10 Mixer Review

That’s it for our review on the Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer. Have we tempted you enough to give it a try?

Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer Rated

MBAH Verdict

The price tag of the Primo PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer is definitely backed by its power, performance and durability.

It can tackle a variety of doughs and ingredients with ease, making your recipes easier to duplicate.

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  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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  1. I have one. I really like it. I have burned up every hobby class mixer that I’ve owned that were sold for the residential market
    – –
    This tool has one drawback. YOU CAN NOT GET SERVICE AT A RESIDENCE. You can not send it back for service either.
    You must find a business address where their service tech can come and service it. then leave it there for the service. They will not go to a residence.
    I guess the liabilities are too high pr maybe they don’t carry the right insurance for going into people’s homes.


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