8 Best Large Bread Makers For Big Loaf Sizes

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Making bread with an automated bread machine might help you save money on groceries, especially if you have a larger family.

Unfortunately, the majority of bread machines on the market are built for medium to small-sized households. If you want to find machines capable of producing 2.5lb, 3lb or 4lb loaf sizes, you’ll have to look a little further than what’s in stock at the typical superstore.

So, good news! We’ve done the research for you.

In this guide, we take a look at the best large bread makers for producing family-size loaves that will feed more hungry mouths than the typical machine.

Machines we’ll be looking at include:

  • Black and Decker 3lb Bread Machine
  • Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf
  • Gourmia 3lb Bread Maker
  • West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker
  • Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic
  • Breadman BK2000B 2.5lb Bakery Pro
  • SAKI 3lb Large Bread Machine
  • Black and Decker B2300 3lb Bread Maker

So, what makes these large bread machines the best choices? And which one is right for you?

Let’s find out more…

Best Large Bread Makers For Loaves Over 2 lbs

Best large bread makers reviewed
Want to make a large family-sized loaf?

Mainstream bread machines can bake anything from a one-pound load to a three-pound loaf. Most bread machines can bake two or three various sizes, with the most frequent sizes being 1 lb, 1.54 lb, 2 lb, 2.5 lb, and 3 lb.

However, finding a big bread machine that can bake a 2.5 lb or 3 lb loaf is difficult.

Because bread machines are for household use, and most families won’t require anything larger than a 2 lb loaf, most only go up to 2 lb. 

Most people, in our experience, prefer to bake a smaller loaf so that they don’t have to store leftovers and can have freshly baked bread every time.

To give you a sense of what these measurements represent, a 2.5 lb loaf will serve 4 to 6 people, and a 3 lb loaf can feed 6 to 9 people. 

For individuals and couples, a bread maker that creates a 1 pound loaf should be enough. A machine that creates a 1.5 to 2-pound loaf is appropriate for small households of 2 to 4 people.

We’ve found that finding a good bread machine that can bake more than a 2.5 lb to 3 lb loaf is becoming increasingly difficult. Most manufacturers now provide bread machines with a capacity of 2 lb, which is still regarded as a large machine in terms of the average bread machine size.

But here are some large loaf bread makers that ticked our boxes…

Black And Decker B6000C 3lb Bread Machine

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Black & Decker’s B6000C is one of the few bread makers on the market that can create a 3 lb loaf. That means it’s capable of feeding between 6-9 people with a single loaf. Impressive stuff, and exactly what many of us hosting family events are looking for!

It has a large viewing window, a 13-hour delay timer, a non-stick baking pan, eight bread-making programs, a reminder button to add nuts and fruits, and supplementary programs for kneading dough or cooking jam.

You can also use this machine to produce gluten-free bread.

The inside of the horizontal bread-baking pan has a non-stick coating. It makes removing and cleaning the bread a breeze.

If you’re searching for a cheap bread machine that can make enormous loaves for a large family, this is the best option. It works excellently and that added capacity is a significant plus.

Black and Decker B6000C 3lb Bread Machine Features:

  • 1.5, 2, or 3 lb loaves can be baked.
  • It has ten pre-programmed options.
  • A horizontal loaf is a classic form.
  • You can set the baking timer to 13 hours.
  • For standard or dark crust, a crust control setting with automated temperature adjustment is available.


  • Bread machine at a reasonable price.
  • It is designed to make the most of available counter space.
  • It has a dough mixing function that is thorough and great.
  • To remind you to add a product, it emits an audio sound.
  • A built-in viewing window allows you to keep track of your progress.
  • It’s possible to create a 3-pound loaf.


  • The B6000C LCD screen does not have a backlight.
  • There is no preheating feature.
  • You cannot change the add-in notification.

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf

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You’ll adore the Breville Custom Loaf if you want a nicely built machine with a lot of fancy features. It can produce a loaf weighing up to 2 to 2.5 lb, making it one of the biggest electric bread makers. Although it does not produce a 3 lb bread loaf, it would almost be crazy not to add this beast to the list. 

This bread machine features 13 settings, including one for an extra-crusty loaf and another for gluten-free bread, making it one of the finest on the market.

The Breville is expensive, but it has several valuable features, including some that you won’t find on any other machine. Regardless of your recipe, there’s a dispenser that automatically adds the fruits, nuts, or chocolate chips, allowing you to set and forget it genuinely. The paddle folds down when it has finished kneading.

That means you won’t have to remove it from your cooked bread, and your loaf won’t have a crater in the bottom. Thanks to an inside light, it’s easy to observe what’s happening inside the machine without lifting the lid. It features a direct plug to take out of the socket, as do other Breville appliances, making life easier.


  • The Breville BBm800XL has a gluten-free setting.
  • It has a handy fruit and nut dispenser that runs on its own.
  • The paddle collapses and does not bake into a loaf.


  • It is expensive.

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Gourmia 3lb Bread Maker

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This 3lb bread machine comes with a non-stick baking bucket and two kneading paddles for mixing and kneading dough for 3lb bread loaves. An LCD panel is situated on the top surface for convenient access and control, allowing you to pick from 15 baking parameters and tailor the loaf to your preference.

After acquiring this artisan bread maker, you won’t have to spend as much time and space in the kitchen preparing and baking bread. Instead, this machine will perform everything in one unit, from combining and kneading to baking. Both the kneading paddle and the bread pan may be removed after baking for easy cleaning.

The 15 programs provided may be used to create a variety of loaves of bread and pastries. You may pick between light, medium, or dark crust settings, depending on your tastes. It can be used to bake artisan bread in two-pound, 2.5-lb, and 3-lb quantities.

You can make a variety of loaves of bread with this bread maker, including gluten-free and French baguettes. It’s also great for making yogurt and jams. You may also utilize the recipe book that comes with the bread machine to be creative. 

Gluten-free bread is an option, too.


  • It has two kneading blades and a non-stick baking pan
  • Baking cycles are set up using an LCD.
  • Loaf sizes include 2 lb, 2.5 lb, and 3 lb.
  • For bread, jam, and yogurt, there are 15 baking options.
  • There are three crust options: light, medium, and dark.
  • A recipe book for artisan bread is included.


  • You have to clean the turning mechanisms if you are making several loaves after each other.
  • The is no cancel option if you mistakenly hit the start button and will need to power the device off.

West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker

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This mid-range bread machine has many of the same features as higher-end versions but at a lower price. It is, however, well-built, as opposed to lesser ones, which are sometimes fragile.

The excellent part about this West Bend bread maker is that it can create three different loaf sizes, including a 2.5 lb loaf for a larger household. A loaf of this size will efficiently serve a family of 4 to 6 people. 

It has certain basic features you’d expect, such as 12-preprogrammed options, which allow you to create gluten-free bread, similar to other bread makers. It will take roughly 3 hours to bake the 2.5-pound bread. But the wait is really worth it. An extra-large viewing glass at the top allows you to keep a close eye on the development as that delicious homemade bread aroma fills the kitchen.


  • If you prefer gluten-free bread, there is a gluten-free menu choice.
  • During each stage of the procedure, a marker appears on the LCD.
  • Two kneading paddles and a rectangular bread pan are included.
  • It’s possible to manufacture a loaf that weighs up to 2.5 pounds.
  • It’s smaller and lighter in size compared to the majority of the bread makers on this list.


  • There are no handles to help you carry it around.
  • There is no opportunity to program the menu.
  • The bread pan cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

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Panasonic SD-RD250 Automatic

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The SD-RD250 is a bread maker that is both compact and efficient. Despite its modest size, it can nonetheless produce loaves weighing up to 2.5 pounds. It has a yeast dispenser built into the top of the main lid.

As a result, you don’t have to open the entire cover when you need to add more ingredients. It prevents heat loss and ensures that the bread bakes evenly.

A rectangular and white shell constructed of durable plastic makes up the exterior casing. It also has a rubber footing to protect your countertops from scuffing. It will fit in most kitchens due to its small size. Unlike previous versions, it has a limited number of buttons. This actually makes things a lot easier for beginners.

It comes with a 13-hour delay to help you prepare ahead of time. The yeast dispenser at the top of this bread machine is a distinctive feature. It also includes an instructional guidebook with over 40 dough and bread recipes. This is one of our favorite large bread loaf makers on the market.


  • It’s simple to clean.
  • It’s built to last.
  • It can automatically mix and knead dough when using the dough option.
  • The yeast is kept dry in an automatic yeast dispenser until it is needed.


  • The lid does not have a viewing window.
  • Personal preferences are not taken into account while creating bread programs.
  • Long periods of rest can be aggravating.

Breadman BK2000B 2.5lb Bakery Pro

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Enjoy gourmet bread but lack the desire or time to prepare it? The Breadman BK2000B bread maker might be just what you’re searching for. It has a variety of fascinating features, including the ability to bake two different loaf sizes simultaneously.

Even though it is more expensive than standard bread machines, you will grow to love the functionality. It includes a foldable measuring cup, an adjustable measuring spoon, a big loaf pan (up to 2.5 lbs) for a large family, and a recipe book with over 80 recipes.

An automated nut and fruit dispenser is also incorporated in this bread machine, making it quick and convenient to add flavor to your bread. It also has a 15-hour time delay option, so you can add ingredients when it’s most convenient for you.


  • Cleaning is quick and straightforward.
  • It has a dough cycle and a bake-only cycle.
  • For your convenience, there is an automatic nut and fruit dispenser.
  • It has paddles that are quickly removed and collapsible.
  • It makes a big quality loaf for a large household.


  • Making your own unique bread is impossible.
  • There isn’t a preheat cycle.
  • Paddles may occasionally fail to collapse.

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SAKI 3lb Large Bread Maker Machine

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Saki’s extra-large bread machine outperforms the competition in terms of serving large families. It can create a 3.3-pound loaf, but there are other options for 2.2- and 2.7-pound loaves. 

With 12 pre-programmed settings and a 15-hour delay start, you can leave this machine to bake overnight and wake up to a huge, fluffy, freshly cooked loaf the following day.


  • Produces a HUGE bread loaf.
  • Keep warm technology that works automatically.
  • It comes with two kneading blades.
  • It comes with a 15-hour delay timer.
  • It is easy to use


  • It has an exterior sheet that heats up, which would require heat-resistant gloves.
  • The wire handle has been known to scratch the interior.

Black and Decker B2300 3lb

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This bread maker is designed to produce loaves of bread weighing between 2 and 3 pounds. It is white with dark grey accents and has an opening lid on the top surface. You can see what’s going on inside the unit without having to open the lid and stop the baking cycle, thanks to a wide viewing window on the lid.

The control panel is user-friendly, featuring six pushbuttons and a digital display. It allows you to pick from ten pre-programmed settings as well as three crust settings. 

A 2 lb, 2.5 lb, or 3 lb bread loaf can be baked with a light, medium, or dark crust color. You can find out all of your alternatives by consulting the guidebook.

This machine comes with a non-stick bread pan and a kneading paddle in addition to the measuring cup and spoon. You may use it to make jams from fresh fruits in addition to baking bread. It regulates the temperature and time for kneading and baking bread for a better texture and crust.

This bread maker can accommodate bigger households by making up to a 3 lb horizontal bread loaf. The bake delay option allows you to bake a loaf ahead of time so that you may enjoy fresh bread when it’s convenient for you.


  • On the lid, there is a big viewing window.
  • There are ten settings on the digital control button.
  • There are three different loaf sizes and crust colors to choose from.
  • Loaves are available in 2 lb, 2.5 lb, and 3 lb sizes.
  • For crust and texture, use a non-stick bread pan.


  • The machine is bulky and may take up more counter space.
  • It has a darker display than most other bread machines on this list.

Final Thoughts on Large Bread Maker Machines

Large bread machine

A standard-sized loaf may quickly run out, especially if you have a big family. If you wish to create fresh bread for a large group, you’ll need a bread machine with a large loaf capacity.

The bread machines mentioned above are among the best on the market today for producing larger loaves of 2.5 lbs, 3 lbs and above. The most important factor to consider when selecting one is that it matches your family’s needs and tastes.

Budget and durability are also factors to consider, mainly because this is ideally a one-time purchase.

You can expect to pay upwards of $100 for a good large loaf bread maker – but this is a small price to pay for a machine that can feed an entire family, or a small gathering at a hosted event.

Let us know – what’s your favorite large bread maker?

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