Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Lb Bakery Pro Bread Maker Review

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If a bread maker wants to be competitive, then it has to really stand out.

The Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro Bread Maker makes an impression right away: not only is it classy in appearance, but it enables bakers to bake two different loaves of bread at the same time.

best breadman bread machine

This, amongst the Breadman BK2000B’s many other fancy features, really sets it apart as a bread machine.

But it’s certainly not perfect. Let’s figure out if it’s the right choice for you…

Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Lb Bakery Pro Bread Maker: The Details

In a Nutshell

Breadman Bakery’s Pro Bread Maker is a sleek, black baking machine that’ll class up any kitchen.

The machine comes along with an easy-to-use front display and a top-down viewing window so you can keep an eye on your loaves.

Weighing in at 22.65 pounds, it’s unquestionably a hefty machine, but it has a reputation for sturdiness that’ll do you good in the long run.


  • Weight: 22.65LB
  • Dimensions: 11.7 x 13.8 x 13.8
  • Crust Colors: Three
  • Bake Settings: 13, including white, wheat, French, artisan, low carb, gluten free, and jam.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: Breadman’s Two Year Limited Warranty

breadman bk2000b review


The Breadman BK2000B comes along with:

  • One collapsible measuring cup
  • One adjustable measure spoon
  • Three different bread pans: one 2.5lb pan and two 1lb pans
  • Collapsible kneading paddles
  • 80 recipes included in the machine’s manual


What about the machine itself? What does it have to offer? There are several key features of the Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Lb Bakery Pro Bread Maker that really stand out.

13 Bake Settings

There are a generous 13 pre-programmed settings on this machine:

  1. White
  2. Rapid White
  3. Whole Wheat
  4. Rapid Whole Wheat
  5. French
  6. Sweet
  7. Rapid Sweet
  8. Gluten Free
  9. Quick Bread
  10. Dough
  11. Low Carb
  12. Jam
  13. Bake Only

This is a great machine for people that love to use quick settings!

3 Crusty Options

The Breadman BK2000B also comes with three crust color options, letting you choose just how dark or light you’d like your bread to become. Are you a fan of a nice, solid crunch? Or do you like your bread a little on the softer side?

This Bakery Pro bread machine gives you options, allowing you to have even more freedom in your bread making experience.

15 Hour Delay Timer and Keep Warm Function

The Breadman BK2000B comes along with a delay bake timer that holds for up to 15 hours — this is about two hours longer than its competitors.

It also includes a 1 hour keep warm setting so you can enjoy fresh bread at your leisure. This makes it great for those with busy schedules or who like to come home to fresh bread after a long day at work.

breadman bk2000b 2.5 pound bakery pro bread maker

Two Bread Pans

Want to try out two different doughs at once?

The Breadman BK2000B’s two 1lb pans can keep your dough separated, allowing you to work with any combination of doughs at the same time.

If you want more of your favorite dough instead, this bread machine also comes along with a 2.5lb pan, allowing you to treat yourself to as much of your favorite taste as you’d like or prepare for larger dinners.


Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser

Do you like nuts in your banana bread? A good spread of fruit in your fruitcake?

The Breadman BK2000B can help you get those ingredients incorporated with its automatic fruit and nut dispensers These dispensers, once filled, automatically include your most-desired add-ins to the loaves you’re creating. There’s no need to open up the bread machine mid-set and ruin the rise.

The dispenser can handle up to 2/3 of a cup and promises to release at the exact right moment. No need to babysit!

It will handle your add-ins with the same care you would, without the additional snacking.

Collapsible Kneading Paddles

The Breadman’s kneading paddles are exclusive and patented — you won’t find these bad boys anywhere else.

They collapse automatically before the baking part of the cycle begins which ingeniously stops them from sticking in the loaf and creating unsightly holes in the bottom.

Large Viewing Window

We love the large viewing window on the Breadman BK2000B, which allows you a good look-in on your loaf as it bakes.

LCD Screen and Control Panel

Another fantastic thing about this bread machine is the easy to use and intuitive digital display and control panel.

Even the most naive of bread-making newbies will be able to master baking bread with these easy controls.

Non Stick Bread Pans

The three bread pans that come with the Breadman BK2000B 2.5 lb Bakery Pro bread maker are all-non-stick.

This makes removing your baked good super easy, and the clean-up a doddle as well — just remove and give them a good wipe down.

best breadman bread maker

Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Lb Bakery Pro Bread Maker Review

Those may be the facts about the Breadman BK2000B, but what do we really think of this bread machine?

The Positives

Long-Lasting and Durable

The Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Pound bread machine is acclaimed for its sturdiness.

This is not a machine that’s going to let you down, and it’s going to last for quite a long time overall.

You can use it once or twice a week if you like, or every day for as long as you want: the durability of the pans, the wiring, and the machine as a whole will last.

If you’re gifting the Breadman BK2000B to someone, you can guarantee it’s a machine they’ll be keeping for a long, long time.

It comes with a limited two year warranty as well, for some extra peace of mind.

Automated Ease

The Breadman BK2000B is a machine that basks in its automation.

Not only can you make standard loaves of bread with this machine, but you can add all sorts of goodies with its automatic fruit and nut trays. Imagine coming home to a perfectly made loaf of banana bread – and all you have to do is load up your machine.

This really redefines ‘easy to use’.

There’s also no need to babysit the machine: there’s an automatic fruit and nut dispenser that adds in your mix-ins at the exact right number and doesn’t require your supervision.

Lots of Features

Not only does the Breadman BK2000B come with a generous 13 bake programs, but also the opportunity to bake two different things at the same time.

Want to make white dinner rolls and a cake-y dessert for dinner? Don’t want to wait around baking one at a time? This bad boy bread machine will let you multitask and enjoy a diverse range of treats at the same time.

You can make bigger loaves for yourself, friends, or family if you’re having a large get-together, and if you’d rather experiment with several recipes and avoid waiting around, then it delivers as well.

breadman 2.5 lb bread machine

It Looks Good

We think the BK2000B is in the same league as the best machine from Breville and Zojirushi with its sleek, modern appearance.

Yep, it’s big, but this is one bread machine that you’ll be proud to have out on your kitchen counter.

It’s so refreshing to see manufacturers moving away from the same old tall, white machines that get so dirty so quickly.

The Negatives

Collapsible Paddles: Too Good At Their Jobs?

The two collapsible paddles come in real handy when working with the Breadman BK2000B.

However, sometimes, they collapse a little too well – meaning they’re a little prone to breaking. Paddles seem to have a lifespan of anywhere from one week to several months, and you have to go back to Breadman in order to get them replaced.

It’s not an ideal situation and a mark against the Breadman BK2000B – especially if they break when you need them most, such as right before a party. The machine itself will last, but its perhaps most crucial asset may not.

Off-Color Recipes

The recipes included in the Breadman BK2000B manual are sometimes a little bit off.

If looking into the manual for some tasty treats, you may want to cross check the recipe against a similar one online, just to ensure that you’re not adding too much flour and ruining your loaf.

If you’re not experienced with bread making or don’t care to experiment, then this may be more trouble than it’s worth.

best bread machine

Overall Verdict

The Breadman BK2000B 2.5 lb Bakery Pro Bread Maker is very close to a perfect bread machine: it produces delicious loaves, has lots of features worth exploring, and doesn’t require babysitting.

But, of course, close to perfect isn’t actually perfect. The collapsible paddles are a little delicate in contrast to the sturdiness of the actual machine, and the recipes in the manual could do with an overhaul. If you’re a beginner, then finding a more reliable machine might be in your best interest.

However, if you’re looking to really experiment with your bread machine, and you’ve already got some experience of what works and what doesn’t, the Breadman BK2000B certainly offers something unique.

Where to Buy the Breadman BK2000B Bread Machine

Breadman are an enduringly popular brand when it comes to bread makers, and the BK2000B can consequently be found readily, especially online.

Check out these stores for starters:

And, of course, it can be found on Amazon.

breadman bk2000b bakery pro bread maker

Are you tempted to try the Breadman BK2000B 2.5 Pound Bakery Pro?

Breadman BK2000B Rated

MBAH Verdict

The Breadman BK2000B Bakery Pro Bread Maker is the perfect machine for people who like to experiment. It’s got lots of features and the potential to bake two different things at once.

It’s not perfect — the collapsible paddles aren’t as durable as the rest of the machine — but there’s no denying that it makes some delicious loaves.

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  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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