Thor Kitchen Freestanding Style Gas Range Review

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Many people out there often think of upgrading ovens in the terms of fancy gadgets and computerized internals. Sometimes, though, upgrading means going old-school – with the application of modern technology to smooth out the bumps.

The Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range is a new take on the old-school models – the kind without the bells and whistles that cooked food and cooked it well.

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High-tech might be what futurists are after when they are renovating their kitchens, but Thor Kitchen’s LRG3001U is based on the tried and true models that have been with us for decades.

So, if you are on the search for a new oven, you have come to the right place. Check out our review of the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U below!

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range: The Details

  • Weight: 172 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30 x 29 x 38
  • Capacity: 4.55 cubic feet
  • Settings: None
  • Timer: None
  • Stand-Out Feature: Precision Flame Control


Powder Coated Top

Lately, lots of ovens are coming out with powder coated tops rather than plain stainless steel tops. It’s a new trend, one that we are happy to get behind, and definitely a feature worth talking about.

This model comes with a black powder coated top that stands out starkly against the stainless steel body, and this adds a wonderful finish to the overall oven, while also providing some additional protections.

Why should you care that this oven has a powder coated top? Well, powder coatings offer a degree of style and protection that plain ol’ stainless steel simply can’t.

The benefits also include extending the lifespan of your oven and oven top, and maintaining the quality of the surface, therefore making it easier to clean and keep everything hygienic.

These features are worth investing in.

Bare Bones

No timer. No clock. No computerized parts. No fancy settings. The Thor Kitchen range oven is bare bones and operates in the simplest ways.

If you are looking for fancy gadgetry, go elsewhere. Otherwise, Thor Kitchen has hit it out of the park and made an oven that functions exactly as it should – without fuss or complicated instruction manuals.

Thor Kitchen gas range review


There are five burners in total, offering a range of different heating options and intensities. There are two types: broiler and basic.

The broiler burner comes in a U shape. The basic burners come in a double ring, an oval, and three single burners of various sizes.

Engineers have fine-tuned this oven so acutely that maintaining control over the burner flames is incredibly easy.

The flame responds immediately, and users have ultimate control over how powerful or soft it is, making those delicate recipes a breeze to handle.

You can cook all sorts of yummy meals with this sort of variety.

Porcelain Racks and Interior

Old ideas plus modern technology has made this model a blend of tradition and slick tech, such as the black porcelain interior and racks.

The drip pans included are also porcelain which all offer a sleek appearance and a surface that is easy to clean.

As a plus, it’s a nice touch of quality that’s sure to impress.


The Thor Kitchen oven comes equipped with convection that helps to circulate the heat in the oven.

This helps with ensuring your food is cooked faster and more evenly.

Interior Halogen Lights

Just because this oven looks vintage doesn’t mean you have to be left out in the dark.

The Thor Kitchen range includes halogen lights inside the oven making it easy to monitor the progress of your food without disrupting it.

Halogen lights make for a bright, even view and can even add to keeping your food warm.

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U review

CSA Certified

This oven has been approved for safety by the Canadian Standards Association, who test electrical, mechanical and gas products for being in-line with industry safety standards.

The CSA stamp of approval allows customers and other companies to trust that their product is safe to use, without a doubt.

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range Review

The Positives

Customer Service

It is always good to know that the company you are buying from has quality customer service. No matter your issue, Thor Kitchen is there to help, and they will do it well.

With your Thor Kitchen gas range, you’ll be covered by a 2-year warranty for both parts and labor.

Should you notice any faults in your oven, simply contact Thor Kitchen and they’ll be able to repair or replace your oven.

Many of our testers found them helpful in answering questions or verifying details about a warranty, so if you encounter an issue or need a replacement (which is unlikely), you’ll be introduced to a pain-free experience.

Price and Quality

Is the Thor Kitchen expensive? In a way, but for what it is, what it does, and the quality of the materials and build, this oven is actually very well priced.

Ovens are typically expensive, and for the quality of construction and materials used in making the Thor Kitchen, it comes at a great price – and if you can scoop one up during a sale? Even better.

We would advise heading into an authorized seller and checking out the floor model before making a final decision.


The warranty promises to keep your oven going should any issues arise, but even without it, the Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Range is built to last.

The use of stainless steel and porcelain already make this oven sturdier than average, but the grates as well are much tougher than your standard coil or flat top stove.

This means that you don’t have to worry about being delicate with your new oven, it will stand up to heavy cast iron and other metals too.

If you’re looking for an oven to last you through the years, this one is definitely a contender.

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A powder coated top, porcelain interior, stainless steel body, and a bold, clean aesthetic make the Thor Kitchen stand out from the crowd – and in a very good way.

Your kitchen will look very sharp with this oven, and even professional chefs will envy it.

Large dials offer a vintage experience, and the black top gives a modern twist on the classic design. All around, this is a beautiful addition to look at that is sure to fit with your kitchen’s style.

Easy Cleaning

No one likes cleaning an oven. It usually means a long hour (or two) spent applying cleaning chemicals and scrubbing at burned grease and fats until your hands hurt.

The Thor Kitchen has an easy disassembly that makes for even easier cleaning; a definite bonus for those short on time, or short on patience.

Easy disassembly, porcelain interiors, and a powder coated top makes the Thor Kitchen a dream to clean compared to a lot of ovens.

If you hate cleaning and like to keep the necessary chores to a minimum, then this is definitely an oven you should consider.

Even Heating

You may be asking, why is a bread-focused site reviewing an oven? The thing is, the porcelain interior and heating system work so well that even the most delicate of pavlovas come out with an evenly cooked surface.

What this means is that, compared to all the other ovens out these, the Thor Kitchen is one of the best ovens for bread making. Get a great prove, steady bake, and even crust on every loaf with this beauty.

If you like to do things the old-fashioned way or aren’t yet ready to invest in a bread maker, then it’s a fantastic multi-use option.


While it’s great at keeping an even heat, it’s also great at getting to temperature quickly.

This is a great note for busy families or impatient cooks. You won’t have to wait long at all for your stove or oven to heat up with the Thor Kitchen range.

Testers were surprised at how quickly the oven heated, meaning you can get your recipes in and on the table before you know it.

Any tool that speeds up cooking time is a great tool in our books.

Thor Kitchen gas range review

The Negatives


Breaking in a new oven means ‘conditioning’ it, and typically this means having an unpleasant smell and a bit of smoke wafting around the kitchen for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, conditioning the Thor Kitchen gets you quite a bit of smoke (plus the accompanying smell) for a good while.

You’ll need to crack a window, and maybe don’t have guests over until the conditioning is done.

No Gas Line or Gas Line Adapters Included

Installation is not overly difficult; however, the Thor Kitchen does not come with a gas line or gas line adapters.

You will need to have these prepared beforehand, or hire a professional to do the installation for you. That is an extra cost that could be avoided by getting another model.

Fiddly Ignition

It takes two to four tries to get the flame going. This is a safety feature that lots of oven manufacturers are rolling out, so this could be viewed as a positive depending on who lives in your household.

If you have kids, for example, then a repetitive ignition is a good thing. No kids, though, and it is an annoyance.

Overall Verdict

Thor Kitchen has created a classic oven with modern finesse and vintage-inspired aesthetics.

Bare bones in a good way, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range is one of the best freestanding gas ranges on the market – one that comes in at a very attractive price.

Where to Buy the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range

Thor Kitchen may have the more popular names in kitchen appliances stumped with their LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range.

While this company isn’t new to ovens, they’ve definitely proven that they’re experts on the product.

It’s always best to check your department, appliance, or specialty stores, but many retailers are proud to offer this oven both in-store and online.

To start your search, check out the following online outlets.

And of course, you can also find this range on Amazon.

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range review

That’s the end of our Thor Kitchen gas range review. Are you tempted to give it a try?

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range Rated

MBAH Verdict

Whether it’s the quality of the oven or its design, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range is sure to please.

It makes cleaning easier, and cooking quicker, leaving many praising its name with only a few very small hurdles to consider.

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  • Bake Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

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