The Best Bread Makers For Gluten Free Bread

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One of the questions we’re always asked is, what are the best bread makers for gluten free bread?

Many people can’t tolerate gluten and others say they simply feel healthier for sticking to a gluten free diet. In fact, some individuals who don’t even have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease believe that they are better off without it.


So -– what does that mean for all the bread lovers out there? Surely you can’t still eat a fresh loaf if you’re trying to go gluten free. As luck would have it — you can.

Thanks to the birth of some of the best gluten-free bread makers for the home, you can fill your house with irresistible bread smells, and make loaves without a trace of gluten.

Let’s find out more…

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a plant protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

It’s present in many common foods like bread, cereal, pasta, sauces and even beers. Gluten proteins are also responsible for the elasticity in dough, and bakers use it to enhance the fluffiness, chewiness and texture of fresh loaves.

Some people are sensitive or intolerant to gluten and often experience negative reactions when they consume anything containing it. These reactions aren’t dangerous although they may cause discomfort. It’s just the body’s way of telling you that you can’t process gluten well and that you should probably start a gluten-free diet.

gluten free bread machine

However, if you have celiac disease, you must avoid gluten altogether.

Celiac disease is a digestive condition, and typical symptoms range from dizziness, abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting and diarrhea. When you consume anything containing gluten, you’ll damage the lining of your small intestine which can lead to many other health issues including cancers and diabetes.

If you regularly experience any negative effects as a result of eating things like bread or anything else containing gluten, you must talk to your doctor straight away.

How Does Gluten Free Bread Differ from ‘Normal’ Bread?

Firstly, a gluten free loaf and a ‘normal’ loaf look different in appearance — it’s easy to tell if you’re eating gluten free or not.

Gluten-free bread has a close crumb texture and is denser. As there is no gluten in the flour of a gluten-free loaf, the texture is a lot more crumbly and dry. That usually means that gluten-free bread won’t be as satisfying as normal homemade loaves.

Some professional bakers don’t even describe gluten-free bread as ‘bread’ and prefer to call it an alternative because the texture and structure are so different to normal bread.

Different bakers like to add in additional ingredients in order to make gluten free bread a bit tastier — xantham gum to bind the ingredients together, nut flours, and even buttermilk to moisten the loaf up.

The 5 Best Bread Makers for Gluten Free Bread

best gluten free bread machines

As gluten-free bread from the supermarket can be expensive, a lot of gluten-free dieters prefer to make their own bread at home.

The best bread machines for gluten free bread will have their own individual setting for gluten free bread. The baking process — as in rising, proofing and mixing — is a little different for gluten free bread so a machine without this setting will not be suitable.

To help you decide on a model that’s right for you, we bring you some of the best gluten free bread machines available on the market right now.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

best gluten free bread makers

This Zojirushi is one of the best bread machines ever — let alone one of the best gluten free bread makers!

If you’re happy to spend money on the finest quality loaves, delivered time after time, it’s hard to go wrong with this fantastic machine.

Whether you’re a bread making novice or expert, this machine will change the way you create gluten-free bread at home. From delicious rolls and garlic bread sticks to cinnamon bread and more, it comes loaded with a variety of recipes and menu settings.

With a quick baking cycle, you can even make a fresh gluten-free loaf to perfection in just 2 hours.

You can also delay the end cycle by up to 13 hours to ensure you always wake up or come home to the smell of homemade bread.

>>> Read our full review of the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Bread Maker


  • Variety of custom menu and recipe settings
  • Produces exquisite gluten free and normal breads
  • Quick baking cycle
  • Two blades for a thorough kneading and better rise
  • Removable non-stick bread pan for easy cleaning
  • Can also be used to make homemade jams, cakes and more
  • LCD clock and additional heater


  • Expensive

best gluten free bread makers

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

best bread machines for gluten free bread

Much cheaper than the Zojirushi but just as popular is this Hamilton Beach Bread Maker with gluten free setting.

Designed to make baking gluten-free bread simpler than ever before, this machine guarantees a soft and fluffy loaf every time. It comes with a detailed manual and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as baking tips.

The extra kneading paddle and gluten-free recipes from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods are also what makes it one of our best gluten-free bread machines.


  • Perfect for fresh and fluffy gluten-free bread
  • Extra kneading paddle
  • Non-stick pan for easy clean-up
  • Includes 12 pre-programmed bake settings
  • Light, medium and dark crust settings
  • Delay timer
  • Includes gluten-free recipes
  • Can also use for jams, cakes, flatbreads and more


  • Quick cycle doesn’t work on gluten free bread

best gluten free bread makers

Panasonic SD-YR2500 Bread Maker

best gluten free bread machines

This mid-market Panasonic machine is a huge hit with the gluten-free baking crowd.

With its special gluten-free mode, this bread maker enables you to enjoy freshly made bread and a variety of other healthy doughs.

If you like rising and shining to the delicious aroma of fresh bread, simply use the automatic 13-hour timer that lets you keep baking overnight. This machine also comes with touch-pad controls, large LCD and automatic fruit and nut dispensers to make producing the perfect loaf easy.


  • Healthy gluten-free mode with eight menu settings
  • Non-stick inner pan and stay cool handle
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispensers to evenly distribute ingredients
  • Touchpad controls and LCD screen
  • A choice of medium or extra-large loaf sizes
  • Inside and outside sensors for optimal and even baking performance


  • Only a few recipes included for gluten-free bread

best gluten free bread makers

Rosewill RHBM-15001 2-Pound Programmable Rapid Bake Bread Maker

best bread makers for gluten free bread

A relatively new machine, this 2-pound gluten free bread maker from Rosewill is incredibly cheap — it’s rare to find gluten free machines at this low price point, in fact.

It also comes with a 60-minute ‘keep warm’ function and 13-hour delay timer to ensure your loaf stays fresh and warm till you want to eat it. Furthermore, you can use the removable fruit and nut dispenser to add more flavor and variety to your gluten-free bakes.

It’s not the sleekest machine on the market, but with its easy to use features and low price, we think it’s a worthy addition to our list of the best bread makers for gluten free bread.


  • Can bake bread in 1 hour on the Rapid Bake settings
  • Keep warm function and delay timer
  • Dishwasher safe bread pan and kneading blade
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with accessories
  • 12 digital pre-programmed bake settings
  • Built-in fruit and nut dispenser


  • It’s not totally automatic — you have to use a spatula to stir ingredients by hand (this is mentioned in the user manual but worth repeating in case you missed it)

best gluten free bread makers

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

breville gluten free bread maker

Rivalling the Zojirushi as one of the best all-round bread makers, it should be no surprise to see the Breville BBM800XL on our list of the best bread machines for gluten free bread.

Not only are the loaves it produces routinely delicious and perfectly baked, but it also lets you select what time you want your loaf to finish baking.

The BBM800XL can create loaves up to a whopping 2.5 lbs in size, making it the perfect appliance for large families. You also have the choice of loaves as small as 1 lb though, if your household is on the smaller side.

The machine also enables you to add nuts and fruits, create your own recipes and customize bread to your liking. With a choice of 4 loaf sizes, 3 crust colors and 13 automatic settings, this gluten-free bread maker is worth every penny.


  • Collapsible kneading paddle so no holes in the bottom of the loaf
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser that adds mix-ins at the exact right time
  • Comes with 46 step-by-step and easy to load recipes
  • Allows you to create your own recipes
  • Can select the time you want bread to be ready
  • Option to make 4 sizes of bread
  • Produces great texture and flavorsome gluten-free loaves
  • Large and intuitive LCD screen


  • A flimsy pan handle is the one weak spot in the otherwise flawless construction — removing the pan can be a little tricky
  • Comparatively expensive

best gluten free bread makers

And there you have it — the top best bread makers for gluten free bread!

Which are your picks for the best gluten free bread machine?

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  1. “Gluten-free bread has a close crumb texture and is denser. As there is no gluten in the flour of a gluten-free loaf, the texture is a lot more crumbly and dry. That usually means that gluten-free bread won’t be as satisfying as normal homemade loaves.”

    I disagree. The gluten free loaf I baked yesterday in a bread machine was nothing like you describe. The additives to gluten free bread can make it much lighter and more familiar. Things like flax seeds, psyllium and chia seeds make a huge difference.


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