Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine Review

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Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine Rated
  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

The Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine is a solid choice for those who want to make fresh bread in the comfort of their own home.

It’s easy to set-up and use, taking the hassle out of the baking process. It’s also backed by a warranty and with a sturdy build, it promises to last.

With so many recipes available with this machine, you’ll be making more than your own bread in no time.

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Monoprice as a company has one clear goal in mind; deliver top-quality products as fast as possible, as cheap as possible.

Hitting the bull’s-eye once again with the Strata Home Bread Machine, bakers everywhere would do well considering this surprisingly versatile take on the traditional bread maker.

The Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine comes with all the extras we’ve learned to know and love, such as various pre-set options and a delayed timer.

cheap bread machine

These traditional features are enhanced by the other unusual applications for this bread maker.

Making jam to go with your morning bread becomes a cinch, but even cooking rice or defrosting meals can be done with the Strata Home Bread Machine. The truly adventurous might even take a shot at brewing up their own rice wine.

Of course the real question is, does this bread maker have what it takes to deliver delicious fresh bread every single time?

We took a good look at the features and checked in with testers to see how this bread machine stacks up to the rest of the pack.

If you’re curious to know if this machine bakes up a storm, then read on.

Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 11.14 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 16 x 13.1 in
  • Loaf Capacity: up to two pounds
  • Settings: 19 different pre-set options
  • Timer: Up to 15 hours delayed timer
  • Stand-Out Feature: Doubles as a jam maker, rice cooker and more!


Gluten-Free Bread

Many people are gluten intolerant, and that makes enjoying baked goods hard, if not impossible.

Local bakeries might carry a variant or two of gluten-free bread, but odds are you don’t enjoy them as much or will want some variation in your diet.

The recipe for gluten-free dough isn’t as easy as other doughs, so having a bread maker to do all the hard work for you is a well-deserved luxury.

3 Loaf Sizes

Sometimes you need a large loaf of bread because the kids have friends sleeping over, or maybe some family members won’t be coming home the next day – needing less items on the breakfast table.

Both scenarios require a different amount of breakfast, so not being tied down to one size is convenient.

With your choices ranging from a loaf of 1 lbs., 1.5 lbs., or even 2 lbs., you can feel prepared for any situation.

19 Cooking Modes

We already mentioned gluten-free won’t be an unattainable dream anymore with the Monoprice Strata 2 lb bread machine, but that’s not the only trick it has up its sleeve.

2lb bread machine

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or feel like some French bread, the Strata Home Bread Machine has you covered.

And of course you can whip up a batch of delicious jam to go along with that fresh, warm bread.

15-Hour Delay Timer

Waking up to the scent of fresh bread is romantic, but getting up hours earlier to prepare your dough? Not so much.

Luckily the 15-hour delay timer means you can prepare your dough well ahead of time, and have the bread maker run its baking cycle while you’re still asleep.

Keeping the romance without sacrificing sleep does make for a perfect Sunday morning.

Keep Warm Mode

Waking up to the scent of fresh bread should be enough to get everyone jumping out of bed singing, but some people really need those extra five minutes.

With the keep warm mode even the latecomers can enjoy a slice of warm bread an hour after the first person woke up. If they’re lucky there’s some left, that is.


The Monoprice Strata comes with appropriate accessories like a measuring cup and measuring spoon included with the accessories it needs (like the bread pan and kneading panel) to get bakers going ASAP.

This takes the hassle and extra cost out of finding these accessories to make sure your bread comes out at professional quality.


Hassle Free Package

Many online shoppers have experienced the disappointment that occurs when their package arrives mangled on their doorstep. Even more frustrating is when you have to take extra time to get the box open.

Monprice packages their Strata Home Bread Machine in ‘hassle-free packaging’ to add more ease to your life.

These packages aren’t only simple to open, but provide extra safety for your product, in case it does happen to get bounced around during shipping.

They’re recyclable too – meaning less waste and a smaller carbon footprint!

Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine Review

The Positives


Apart from making three different loaf sizes, you also get the choice between a light, medium, or dark crust.

With only the most basic of breads, this still gives you nine different takes on the same concept. And basic is one word that does not match the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine.

Apart from pre-sets for different types of bread, you can venture into the world of making jams, yogurts, preparing sticky rice for dinner or trying your hand at making your own rice wine.

If you’re looking for a bread maker with a little extra, the Strata Bread Machine has you covered.

Alerts When Necessary

One of the greatest conveniences of a bread machine is that they remember the recipe for you. As soon as it’s time for you to add a new ingredient, the bread maker will alert you to it.

Although this is a feature reserved for pre-set recipes, it still saves you time hovering around the kitchen, waiting for the moment when you think ingredients need to be added to the mix.

Glass Viewing Window

Being able to admire your homemade loaf of bread in the making is only one advantage of a glass viewing window on top of your bread machine.

More valuable is being able to check up on the consistency of your bread, making sure you only get the very best on your table.

Enjoy this positive feature, soon you’ll be able to tell at a glance what your loaf in the making really needs.


Easy to Use with Clear Instructions

With this many available features, having a well written manual is key. Take your time to leaf through it, and take advantage of the ideas it offers.

Of course your bread machine also offers clear instructions, but a prepared baker is worth two.

The Monoprice Strata Bread Machine won’t be too overwhelming or intimidating for new bakers, or for bakers who aren’t use to using technology in the kitchen.

This bread machine is generally pretty easy to use with easy guides to follow.

Reasonable Price

If you’re looking for a bread machine, one of the main concerns is price and quality. Settling for a cheap bread machine just because of price is not a thing you want to do.

Choosing for the best cheap bread machine on the other hand is a matter of smart investing.

With the amount of artisanal possibilities that come within your reach, we dare say this price is more than just right.


Even though the price is fair and reasonable, it will still be frustrating to be left with a lemon of a machine and no way to resolve it.

Fortunately, the Monoprice Strata Bread Machine comes with a 1-year replacement warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Should you come across any manufacturing or craftsmanship errors, simply contact Monoprice and they will repair or replace your bread machine.

A 30 day money back guarantee is also included with purchases so you have a chance to assess your machine before fully committing.

Lightweight and Compact

You won’t need to set aside too much counter space for your Monoprice Strata Bread Machine. This bread maker packs all its features and power into a small and lightweight design making it super easy to handle.

Whether you leave it on your counter, or want to tuck it away in your cupboard, it shouldn’t have you remodelling your kitchen to do so.

If you feel like making bread on the go, this machine weighs in at just over 10 lbs. making it light enough to carry with you.

cheap bread machine

The Negatives

Heavy Bread

Some of our testers have mentioned that following the recipes that come with the machine result in heavy bread.

Though this can be remedied by adjusting the recipe, it pays to keep this in mind for your first few loaves.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Though the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine offers a ton of creative options, not every user will need them all.

As a bread machine it performs well, and perhaps some users could be attracted by these extras, but they weren’t truly necessary in our opinion.

Tricky Cleaning

Cleaning up after a big breakfast is daunting as it is, and getting in the crevices and crannies of your bread machine doesn’t make it any easier.

We recommend soaking your bread pan before cleaning to make it easier, while the exterior simply just needs a swipe of a warm cloth to take off any excess dough.

Overall Verdict

The Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine is a well rounded and versatile bread maker, priced so reasonably it should be tempting to everyone who is thinking of getting a new bread machine.

With various pre-set programs, a delay timer and keep warm function, it is guaranteed to brighten up any breakfast table.

Because of how convenient it is to use, we recommend this bread machine wholeheartedly to beginning bakers or those who are looking to replace an old bread machine.

Those who are interested in jam making or brewing their own rice wine are equally encouraged to have a close look at this bread maker.

Its many extra features make it an interesting and versatile addition to any kitchen, and the price is unlikely to dissuade those interested.

Where to Buy the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine

Monoprice has an array of home products from bread makers to 3D printers to offer. They are definitely growing in brand and quality, but might get lost amongst longer standing home brands.

For this reason, the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine might be a little tricky to find in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

But of course, the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine can also be found on Amazon.

2lb bread machine

That wraps up our review on the Monoprice Strata Home Bread Machine. Tempted to give it a try?


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