Latitop Programmable Bread Machine Review

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Latitop Programmable Bread Machine Rated
  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

It will be hard to go wrong with this bread maker. Its affordable price grabs your attention while its ease of use and variety of functions will keep bakers of varying levels happy.

With just a few cons to consider, chances are, the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine will be a great addition to your kitchen.

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Is there anything better than the smell or taste of freshly baked bread? Probably not. But how do you get that smell in your house?

A bread machine is the easiest option and the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine may be just what you need. It has 19 different settings to choose from, is easy to clean, and is effortless to use.

Latitop Programmable bread machine

Unfortunately, though, not everyone has such a good experience with this product. Some users discovered that the outside of the machine became very hot, while others found the company was difficult to get in touch with due to their lack of internet presence.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine.

Latitop Programmable Bread Machine: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 9.8 x 12 inches.
  • Loaf Capacity: Up to 1.5 lb. loaf.
  • Settings: 19 different settings, including cake, pizza dough, yogurt, and jam.
  • Timer: 15-hour delay timer.
  • Stand-Out Feature: 15-hour delay timer and 19 different settings.


19 settings

The Latitop Programmable Bread Machine comes with 19 different settings – and you don’t have to just make bread.

Some the settings include French bread, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, gluten-free bread, rice bread, cake, yogurt, and even pizza dough.

You will have a harder time finding something this bread machine can’t make. What other devices on the market can make bread, pizza dough, and yogurt? Not many.


Thanks to the timer, you can delay the bread-making process for up to 15 hours. So, if you want your bread to be ready in the morning when you wake up, you simply have to place the ingredients in the machine, set the timer, go to bed, and let the machine do the rest.

To set the timer, you need only press the timer button and select your desired time. Once the bread is done, it will move to a keep-warm setting for up to an hour and 10 minutes.

Capacity and Crust Options

You can also make two different sizes of bread, depending on what you need. The Latitop bread machine can either make a one-pound loaf or a one-and-a-half-pound loaf.

You can also pick the color you’d prefer the crust to be, based on what you like. Want something crunchy? Select the dark crust. Want a softer texture? Pick the light crust color. Something in between? You can choose the medium option.

cheap bread machine

LCD Screen

The LCD screen is your control hub. It displays which settings you’ve chosen, how much time you have left, how large your loaf is going to be, what color the crust will be, and whether the machine is on or off.

This makes it far easier to use the machine and eliminates second-guessing.

Nonstick Coating

The bread pan is coated with a nonstick material, making it simple to remove your bread and effortless to clean afterward.

You don’t need to scrub away at the pan, trying to eliminate stuck-on pieces; a simple wipe with a wet paper towel can do the job.

Anti-Slip Feet

Some jumpy machines require you to always be on watch in case something disastrous happens – like if it falls off the counter.

With this bread maker, you won’t have to worry thanks to the included anti-slip feet. It will stay sturdy on your counter without threatening any mishaps or damages to your machine.


Included with your bread machine are a number of free accessories, such as:

  • A measuring cup.
  • A measuring scoop.
  • A kneading blade.
  • A hook.
  • A manual.

Latitop bread machine review

Latitop Programmable Bread Machine Review

The Positives


There is not much you can’t do with the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine. It makes a number of different loaves of bread, including anything from white and whole wheat to French bread and gluten-free.

It can also make cakes, pizza dough, jam, and even yogurt. A number of users mentioned how much they loved the variety of options they had at their fingertips. You can make the exact breads you want and even try some untested recipes!

This is great for experimental cooks looking to try a variety of concoctions. This bread machine won’t hold you back from getting creative.

Easy to Clean

Users also enjoyed how simple this bread machine was to clean. With the nonstick coating on the inside of the barrel pan, the bread will come out easily.

Any pieces that may end up leftover can be effortlessly wiped out. Also, if you end up making pizza dough, a usually sticky substance, it will be far easier to remove the dough and continue on with your pizza making – in a fraction of the time.

The mixing and kneading blades are also coated in nonstick material, so they are easy to wipe down and clean as well!

The Latitop Bread Machine saves you time on cleaning so you can spend more time making delicious creations for you and your family.


Several users mentioned how convenient the timer, loaf capacity, and crust darkness settings were. You have a range of settings at your fingertips, allowing you to customize the final result to your exact liking.

Also, if you want bread to be ready later in the day, there’s no need to be home or awake for the process. Simply put together the ingredients whenever you have a minute and then set the delay timer; the machine can start working whenever you’d like!

This allows you to come home or wake up to freshly baked bread. What’s better than that?

If you’re a busy baker or just need a bit of prep time in the kitchen, this breadmaker will lend a helping hand.

Latitop Programmable Bread Machine

Easy to Use

Machines of this nature can be complicated – but, luckily, the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine is nearly effortless to use.

Once it’s unboxed, you can begin right away with virtually no set-up required. All that’s necessary is to twist the barrel pan into place until it locks, add the ingredients of your recipe, close the lid, and then choose the machine settings you’d prefer.

This involves picking one of 19 settings, choosing the loaf size, setting the timer, and then picking the crust darkness you want. Press start and you’re ready to go! Making bread has never been so simple.


With all the features included in this one machine, you may be expecting to pay hundreds of dollars to have this in your home.

Fortunately, Latitop has priced this machine to be pretty affordable, making it easy for a variety of bakers to have fresh bread right in their home, just how they like it.

Priced at under $100 on Amazon, you won’t have to worry about damaging your bank account with this programmable bread machine.

Since it allows you to make way more than just bread, you’ll be getting a great value for the price, and it will save you from buying other machines since this bread maker can do the job of many.

Customer Service

Latitop also offers customers a three-month money back guarantee and a two-year warranty on this bread machine.

Should you find this machine to not be quite what you were looking for you’ll have three months to apply for a refund.

After the trial period, you’ll still be covered by Latitop’s two-year warranty. This means that the company will be responsible for any repairs or replacements needed due to damages caused by manufacturing.

Latitop bread machine review

The Negatives

Difficult to Contact the Company

While there were no complaints about Latitop’s customer service, they don’t have a website beyond a page that lists what they sell on Amazon.

You can ask a question on their Amazon page and possibly get an answer, but otherwise, they have little to no web presence.

If you need to use the warranty or contact them for returns, you may have a difficult time getting in touch or receiving answers to your questions and concerns.

That being said, retailers like Amazon also have their own return policies in place so be sure to double check what your options are before buying.

Hot Exterior

This is more of a precaution than a real negative: Be aware that the outside of the bread maker does grow hot while it’s working.

You will need to ensure everyone around the house knows not to touch it, especially if there are children present.

Also, the bread barrel will be very hot when you remove it from the machine. Make sure you have a towel or an oven mitt on hand to pick it up and move it around and take care when sliding the bread from the pan. No need to get unnecessarily burned!

Confusing Instructions

If you’re one who likes to follow the instruction manual, you’ll be more frustrated than setting it up on your own with this bread machine.

Customers have noted that the included instruction manual is hard to read and understand. This seems to be due to bad translating.

Fortunately, this bread machine is relatively easy to get up and running so you won’t have to worry too much about fumbling with it, or being lost thanks to poorly written instructions.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine. While it does have a few negatives, they are more warnings than anything else.

In any case, the pros far outweigh the cons. With the timer, the number of different settings, the easy to clean pan and mixing attachments, and how easy it is to use, we’re hard pressed to find anything wrong with this bread machine

. It may be the best bread maker on the market and is definitely worth trying.

Where to Buy the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine

Despite the rave reviews, Latitop is still an up and coming brand in the kitchen appliance market. They have a variety of devices under their belt though, from toasters to retractable dog leashes.

While they may not be well-known, customers have been satisfied with their products from this brand.This company seems to be doing something right, and we can’t wait to see what new products they come up with next.

That being said, their lack of brand presence does make items like the Latitop Programmable Bread Machine tricky to find.

While it’s usually best to check home department and kitchen appliance stores, you’re more likely to find the Latitop Bread Machine on Amazon.

Latitop bread machine review

That’s all for our Latitop Bread Machine review. Curious to give it a go?


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