WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Review

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WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Rated
  • Mix Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

The WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer is the answer to minimalistic or beginner bakers who want a simple, affordable, dough mixer.

It couldn’t be any easier to use, it’s compact and lightweight, and at this price, this mixer is hard to ignore.

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If you find your days are always on a tight schedule, the WGC Revel CDM301 is a great way to add baking to your routine without sacrificing hours to this hobby. With its simple and classy design, the WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer makes it easy to get into baking.

Because of the lightweight and small size, it’s easy to store in a cupboard until you need to use it again. If you have the counter space, you can easily let it stay in place for easy access.

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The classy black finish easily blends in with most kitchens, making it a happy addition. Its main selling point is its simplicity and low entry level, making it a perfect fit for busy bees.

The only major drawback we could find was a lack of varying speed settings. While these are an important aspect of a baking appliance, they’re certainly not the only thing that matters.

While the WGC Revel CDM301 has many good points to consider, there are just a few setbacks that make it seem less than ideal. But the real question is always – does the machine answer your specific needs?

We’ve gathered the details, so read on and find out if this is the right mixer for you.

WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Maker: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 5.67 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 9 inches.
  • Capacity: Three liters.
  • Speeds: One speed.
  • Bowl Type: Non-stick.
  • Motor: How powerful? 120 watts.


Dough Blade

Several mixers have their basic tools included, but often, a dough blade is an optional accessory at best.

Most bakers do find it very useful, and when we consider the primary audience for the WGC Revel CDM301, we certainly see why they would include their patented dough blade.

It’s a baking accessory that you use with greater frequency as you become accustomed to the process, and getting one with your purchase saves on future accessorizing.

Automatic Timer

With a dough mixer that aims to please those who have a million things to do, a timer isn’t a luxury. A timer is almost a necessity and one we refuse to give up.

After filling your WGC Revel CDM301, it is simply a matter of turning it on and letting the timer run.

While your mixer is running, you can prepare stuffing for pastries, get started on dinner, or even sit down and relax with a cup of coffee. No need to gaze anxiously at a clock to know when your mixture will be ready or needs to be checked on.

Filter Cap Cover

Get out of the splash zone and invest in a mixer that has a cap cover. Especially runny doughs have a risk of being more present on kitchen counters – or your clothes – rather than in the mixing bowl where they belong.

With the clear filter cap cover, you’re allowed to keep an eye on how your dough is progressing, without getting an eyeful of flour.

One Speed

It’s a bold choice to only provide one speed when the industry standard is slowly evolving to three or four base speeds.

While this isn’t a bad choice, so long as it’s a relatively medium speed, it could be a turn-off for the baker who wants to grow into a more ambitious hobbyist.

Having only one speed available does make this mixer more attractive to the baker who knows what their favorite recipe is and plans on making very few complicated dishes.

WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer Review

The Positives

Simple to Use

The WGC Revel CDM301 is easy to master and even easier to use on a daily basis.

With the only components being your bowl and the machine itself, operated with a single button, you’ll find that it’s simply a matter of turning it on and setting the dial.

Once it’s done mixing, you pour out your batter and clean up. It’s simple and easy to use, perfect for those too busy to program a specific setting every single day.

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Time Saver

Baking bread or making cake doesn’t ask for much time, but sometimes, even those fifteen minutes make all the difference.

You can get the dishes done, fix your outfit, or even get the kids dressed and ready for school. Thanks to the timer and easy set-up, the WGC Revel CDM301 will make everyday life a bit easier to navigate.


When a machine is kept simple, it’s reasonable to assume there won’t be a lot of surplus noise.

With a max capacity of three liters, only the heaviest of doughs will really put a strain on the WGC Revel CDM301’s motor.

Now you can easily listen to the radio, or have a conversation while you get your bake on without being interrupted by your mixer.


Keeping the extras on the low side has the benefit of being reflected in the price tag.

If you like baking your own bread, but don’t have the desire to invest in a bunch of extras you might never need, opting for a cheaper machine that can still be the best dough maker for your specific needs is the perfect way to go.

You won’t need to dip into your savings for this one. An affordable price tag makes it easy for beginners to start practicing their baking skills without breaking the bank. And if you’re looking for something for occasional use, this may be right up your alley.

Compact and Lightweight

This is for those who are short on room in their kitchen. There will be no need to worry about the WGC Revel taking over your counter space thanks to its compact size.

Along with being small in size, the design is also minimalistic so if you do plan on leaving it on your counter it won’t be an eyesore.

It’s also lightweight, weighing in at just over five pounds, making it easy to store away until you need it in either a cupboard or closet.

Easy to Clean

With the anti-stick layer on the added mixing bowl, you’ll have no problem cleaning up after work.

Wiping down the machine itself is best done with a slightly moist towel, while the mixing bowl itself is cleaned quickly by hand.

You won’t have to spend time scrubbing and gruelling over dough-ey bowls and accessories.

Great for Beginner Bakers 

Since there are no complex features or settings on this machine, it makes for a great mixer for bakers who are just starting out.

Instead of being flustered by knobs, numbers and instructions, beginners can focus on getting basic recipes just right before moving on to bigger recipes and more complex machines.

While this is a great machine to practice on, it’s always a great option for occasional bakers who don’t need a fancy machine to get the job done.

Sometimes you just want a random batch of cookies right? Well, now you won’t need to dish out hundreds of dollars when you get a craving!

The Negatives

Only One Speed

For those who are used to doing more intricate baking, only one speed will be quite an adjustment.

Crafty bakers know that some doughs react differently to a higher or lower speed, and the WGC Revel CDM301 can’t give you the chance to play with that.

While suitable for the casual baker, professionals won’t be impressed by this feature.

Some Dexterity Required

If you notice your dough is a bit too runny or firm, you can add ingredients via two ways.

Either stop your machine and add your chosen ingredient, which takes time, or pour it in slowly through a small opening on the lid. The latter requires a steady hand, but some practice will get you there.

No Support 

When it comes to purchasing appliances, it’s always nice to know the company has your back by receiving a guarantee, warranty, or customer support.

Unfortunately, with a brand like WGC, they may be hard to get a hold of should you have a question, concern, or need additional information.

There also seems to be no sign of a warranty or guarantee mentioned, but at this price point, it’s easy to take a risk and hope for the best.

Thankfully though, if you order through Amazon, their top-notch customer service will be able to assist you should problems arise.

best dough mixer

Overall Verdict

The WGC Revel CDM301 was crafted with the busy bees among us in mind. If you like baking, but just don’t have the time on your hands to go all out, it is best to choose a simple machine.

With no learning curve and no unnecessary extras, this is a sure winner for those who want it simple and quick.

The only drawback to this mixer is that it simply won’t be enough for the diehard bakers out there. There is only one available speed, which limits your creative options. This will make the mixer less appealing to professional bakers who need more from their mixers.

All in all, the WGC Revel CDM301 is a good companion for those who are too busy to be fancy in their baking.

People who have only just moved out of their parents’ home, or students who will be living on campus for a while, will also find this mixer to be a good match for their lifestyle.

If you often find yourself too busy to spend time on hobbies, this is an addition to your kitchen that will free up some precious hours and provide more baked goods to your diet.

Where to Buy the WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer

WGC may not be a brand you’ve heard about before or have seen on the shelves of your usual department and kitchen appliance stores, but their WGC Revel CDM301 has been giving them a bit of attention.

They’ve mastered minimalism and simplicity in the kitchen, and though they have a number of satisfied customers, chances are, this dough mixer will prove hard to find.

To start your search you can check out the following online retailer.

But of course, you can also find this dough mixer on Amazon.

WGC Revel review

That’s all for our review of the WGC Revel CDM301 Atta Dough Mixer. Would you give it a try?


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