Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker Review

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Nesco BDM-100 Rated
  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

The Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker isn’t perfect, but it’s a versatile and competent machine that’s great for making doughs and 1 lb loaves of bread.

It’s not quite so adept at 1.5 lb loaves, but we love how small and lightweight it is, and think it generally represents great value for money.

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You wouldn’t expect such a compact machine to have so much to offer in the way of making different kinds of bread, but that’s exactly what you get with the Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker.

nesco classic bread maker

For someone who loves to experiment with different recipes and who loves even more to fall back on old favorites for small family dinners, this Nesco bread maker is just what you need.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider: namely a not-always-reliable kneading paddle and the fact that it’s not so good on larger loaves.

Here’s what you need to know…

Nesco BDM-100: The Details

The BDM-100 is noticeably light from the first time you take it out of the box, and it’s small enough to fit conveniently on most countertops in almost any size of space.

At first glance, you might not be sure about the size and how much could get sacrificed when it came to loaf size, but once it gets to actually using it, you find that the 1 to 1 ½ pound loaves it does produce can perfectly suit small families and get-togethers.

With twelve different programmed settings to work with, the BDM-100 bread maker isn’t just for making bread.

For desserts, cakes, pizza, and pasta dough, even jam — it makes a wonderful partner in crime for any kind of baker, from practicing to skilled.

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.4″ x 10″ x 10.9″
  • Loaf Capacity: 1-1.5 lbs
  • Timer: Programmable for 13 hour delay timer
  • Stand-Out Feature: 12 set programs


Twelve Set Programs

Regardless of what kind of baking you like to do, the ability to simply fill the machine with the ingredients in the recipe and adjust the controls around the LCD before letting it do its thing makes it easy to put together any of twelve different kinds of culinary creation.

You might not be one for making loaves of bread, but love to put together a homemade pizza. Or maybe you’re the kind of baker whose favorite course is dessert.

This machine can kick out desserts and cakes as easy as any of the other settings.

It’s nice to get all of that work out of one device on the counter, so you don’t have to limit yourself or buy many different kinds of machines.

Here are the separate programs:

  • Basic
  • French
  • Whole Wheat
  • Sweet
  • Ultra-Fast
  • Dessert
  • Pasta
  • Dough
  • Jam
  • Cake
  • Bake

13 Hour Delay Timer

No matter what you’re making, the set delay timer on the machine’s display works with any mode.

A lot easier than mixing, kneading, and taking precious countertop space waiting for the dough to rise, you can add the ingredients into the bowl, hit start, and let it do the work for you. If you’re working for a special dinner, you have the time and the space to prepare its other aspects.

The Nesco BDM-100 bread machine can do its job while leaving you free to work or relax.

nesco bdm-100 classic bread maker

LCD Display Screen

The screen on the BDM-100 is slightly larger than other bread machines’ screens, making it easier to see the program you’re on as well as how much is left on the timer while it’s working.

You select your programs via this screen too, and we’re happy to report that it’s very easy and intuitive to use.

Viewing Window

Even knowing the bread is baking and the machine is doing its job, the medium-sized viewing window on the top hatch of the unit makes it easy to peek in and check your bread’s baking progress. No need to lift the lid or interfere with the process.

3 Crust Settings

Since not everyone likes their crusts the same way, this machine’s three different settings of light, medium, and dark really come in handy.

For those looking for soft and airy bread, light setting works best. Those who prefer more of a crisp texture would choose dark. And to happily meet in the middle, medium’s got you covered.

Keep Warm Function

Every part of a meal is rarely ever ready at the same time.

So whether you’re waiting on another part of the dish to finish, the arrival of a late dinner guest, or simply can’t get to the machine the moment it’s done baking, Nesco BDM-100 will keep your creation warm for up to an hour after its finished baking time.

Recipes Included

With the machine comes a manual of how it works and a small variety of different recipes.

For new bakers, the recipes include the basics, but for the more experienced among you, it would have been nice to see a few more recipes in the booklet.

Regardless, the beauty of recipes come from trying others and inventing your own, and the few that come in the book make for a nice way to get started.

Removable Pan

The prospect of cleaning up afterward is usually the most dreaded part of any kind of cooking, so the easier it can be made, the better.

This unit has a removable pan, which not only helps in removing your fresh baked bread from the machine, but is easy to wash after the baking is done.

With its removable pan and included measuring cup and spoon, a lot of the equipment comes with the package and comes apart to be easily cleaned afterward.

10 Minute Auto-Resume Function

If you have a dreaded power cut in the middle of your baking cycle, fear not: the Nesco BDM-100 has an auto-resume function that will kick in, providing your power comes back on within 10 minutes.

Fingers crossed!

Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker Review

The Positives

Easy to Use and Clean

There’s no complex set-up to the BDM-100 bread maker and we’re confident that bakers of any experience level will get the hang of it quickly.

The recipe booklet — while not exactly comprehensive — covers the basics and will allow beginners to get started as soon as they’ve unpacked the machine.

As an added bonus, cleaning the unit is easy as pie too — simply remove the baking pan from the machine and wipe it down ready for the next round.

Very Versatile

Considering its affordable price, the Nesco BDM-100 offers a surprisingly generous number of pre-programmed bake settings.

There’s nothing particularly outlandish here — and unfortunately no gluten free setting — but we value all the basic programs as well as more unusual ones like Pasta and Ultra-Fast.

Essentially, you’ve got everything here you could need — and a few extra!

Here’s an introductory video from Nesco on the ins and outs of the BDM-100:

Small and Light

It doesn’t take up much space on a counter, and in a space where you can’t keep it on the counter, it’s small and light enough to stow away easily in a pantry or cupboard.

It’s a great bread maker for one and two person families, as well as people on a budget. It’s definitely in the affordable range, and represents great value for money.

Performs Reasonably Well

The loaves, dough and other baked goods are generally of a reasonably high standard from the BDM-100, although we have to admit that it performs best on the smaller, 1 lb loaf size setting — we found that 1.5 lb loaves aren’t baked quite so evenly and are probably a little ambitious for this small machine.

We think it’s particularly great for bakers looking to make dough that they’ll shape later and bake separately.

The Negatives

Kneading Paddle Can Stick

While we think the Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker is a generally well-engineered machine, we found that the kneading paddle would occasionally stick to the bottom of the pan, making removing the finished loaf a bit of an arm wrestle.

This certainly doesn’t happen everytime, but we noticed it enough to find it a little unreliable — we hate having to tear a hole in the bottom of our loaf!

nesco bdm-100 review

Not So Great on 1.5 lb Loaves

As we mentioned earlier, the BDM-100 performs best on its smallest size setting — 1 lb.

It’s simply not really big enough to perform as well on 1.5 lb loaves. We found that these larger creations were not as evenly baked at the top — partly because they were reaching towards the top of the machine.

They also made more of a mess inside the machine, which equals more of a clean-up job.

Rattles a Little

We love how light this little Nesco bread maker is, but unfortunately that means that it’s not quite so sturdy on your countertops.

It rattles a little — especially in the mixing and kneading cycles — and it’s best to keep it away from edges, just in case it dances off!

This may be a problem if you live in shared accommodation or like to bake late at night.

Overall Verdict

As a bread maker and overall baking assistant, the Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker could be a great addition to your kitchen — it’s versatile, easy to use, lightweight and compact.

There are some compromises: the kneading paddle may occasionally stick at the end of a bake program, and it’s not quite so delightful on 1.5 lb loaves as smaller 1 lb ones.

But if you’re interested in low-key baking and looking for a machine that will make bread along with a list of other goodies with little supervision and easy cleanup, Nesco BDM-100 is a great choice.

Where to Buy the Nesco BDM-100 Bread Machine

The BDM-100 is very popular among consumers, particular beginner bakers with small families, and as such you can find it in a variety of home ware stores.

Check out these online marketplaces for starters:

And, of course, it’s available on Amazon.

nesco bdm-100 bread machine

Are you tempted to try the Nesco BDM-100 Classic Bread Maker?


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