Kenmore Elite Double Oven Review

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Kenmore Elite Oven Rated
  • Bake Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

The Kenmore Elite Oven is the perfect appliance for busy homes and busy kitchens.

It’s easy to clean, durable, and sturdy enough to stand up against a ton of use. And with its quick burners and convection oven, getting dinner on the table will be speedy fast.

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The Kenmore Elite Double Oven is presented to us by Kenmore, an American-based company that should be no stranger to your ears or eyes.

Known for their sleek and forever-contemporary designs, Kenmore has made their Double Oven the perfect companion for anyone wishing they could do more in their kitchen.

double oven

Powered by gas and still slightly customizable, this oven has everything it needs to make your dinners a raving success. With five burners and two ovens, you can go wild, please everyone at the party and, thanks to Kenmore, even finish cleaning without missing out on the after-party.

For those who were born without a DIY bone in their entire body, you’ll find that delivery and installation is included in the price.

While this double oven seems to have what it takes to make every meal a success, there’s always something to be found that doesn’t please us entirely.

The timer is easy to set, but only beeps once, so if you happen to miss it, then you’ll probably end up with food a bit toastier than intended.

Is this one flaw enough to ruin our appetite? We noted all the good and the bad, so be sure to read on and get all the juicy details.

Kenmore Elite Double Oven: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 268 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 31 x 32 inches.
  • Oven Interior Dimensions: 24.5 x 14.8 x 19.4 inches.
  • Settings: Bake, broil, boil, and fry.
  • Timer: Standard.
  • Stand-Out Feature: Runs on gas; five separate burners and two ovens.


Gas Powered

Many people still prefer cooking with gas and there’s plenty of reason for that.

Electric cooking plates may be convenient for giving you a more consistent heat, but gas provides greater control over the temperatures, allows you to switch gears quickly, provides a visual confirmation (with the flame) of what your cooking level is, and also allows you to get sizzling immediately.

Luckily, this Elite oven provides you that tried and true favorite: gas power.

For those who prefer liquid propane, we’re happy to note that a little bit of hard work can convert this double oven into one that runs just as happily on propane as it does gas.

This conversion is not covered in the free installation, but if you happen to know someone handy with a wrench, it only takes an hour or two.

Five Burners

When getting a new oven installed, you might as well go all the way.

Whether you’re cooking for a big group or like making an elaborate meal for your hot date, it’s a godsend to have a few extra burners available.

Kenmore Elite Oven review

With a total of five burners, you can easily whip up some extra sauce or prepare some alternate veggies for the picky eaters.

Two Ovens

In the same way that having extra burners is as handy as it can get, you’ll find that having two ovens is just as convenient.

Whether the kids are enjoying a DIY pizza party or you find yourself catering to meat-lovers and vegetarians at the same time, people rarely wish they had one instead of two ovens.

The ‘main’ oven is slightly larger and will probably see the most use, but creative chefs are sure to find joy in using both to their full capacity.

Low-Temp Clean Technology
Hosting a good party means you’re expected to put quality food on the table – and with the Kenmore Elite double oven, that’s easy as pie – but it also means mingling with your guests.

If you’re the type that can’t stand letting others see what kind of mess a good dish can bring with it, you’ll find that the low-temperature cleaning tech makes it easier and – most importantly – makes it faster to get your cleaning for the evening done.

Just let the oven work on cooking off the mess at a low but consistent temperature (rather than broiling it, which would heat up the house!), while you enjoy the party!

Convection System

The Kenmore Double Oven uses a powerful convection fan to ensure your food gets cooked evenly.

No more cold spots or endless rotating; the fan will help to spread the heat evenly throughout the oven so your roasts, casseroles, and other yummy recipes are always cooked perfectly.

Speaking of roasts, convection ovens are a dream for creating juicy, tender, and flavorful roast dinners since the convection helps to sear the meat and lock in flavors.

Kenmore Elite Oven review

Kenmore Elite Double Oven Review

The Positives

Free Installation

If there is one thing every Kenmore Elite Double Oven user is raving about, it’s the free delivery and installation of this oven.

This isn’t surprising; while it makes for an amazing customer service feature, a lot of businesses still end up charging extra.

Installation costs on their own can easily land the cheapest ovens in an entirely new price range, so this is one benefit we’re glad to have.

Since the installation is done for you, it also clears up one thing about the warranty; if something’s wrong, you’ll know you didn’t fumble during the installation. To sweeten this deal even further, they’ll even dispose of your old machine in the same run.

For maximum convenience, be sure to measure the location for your new oven twice to be on the safe side.

Good Quality

It’s tempting for manufacturers to skimp on the details. We’re happy to report that the Elite, however, is durable and well-built.

The grates are especially thick, sturdy, and can handle the necessary (and sometimes rough) cleaning that is required after a few weeks of cooking delicious but messy food.

You won’t have to worry about replacing these grates anytime soon, they’ll stand up against heavy pots, and long days of cooking in the kitchen.

The entire oven is also made out of stainless steel which is always much more durable to have in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean

What’s great about this oven is that while it’s durable, it also stands up to smudges and stains that are hard to avoid in a busy kitchen.

Kenmore Elite Oven review

To start, the stainless steel is black, adding not only a sleek, modern look to the oven but making it all the easier to stay fingerprint-less as well.

Kenmore amps it up by making their stainless steel oven smudge and fingerprint proof, so you won’t have to worry about your family and loved ones being around your appliances.

This makes this oven so much easier to clean in the long run, and even lets you put off the task for a bit without anyone noticing.

Strong Heat

A watched pot never boils, but maybe it would if the flame would burn hotter! The Kenmore Elite Double Oven puts its gas power to good use, providing a flame intensity that gets things cooking – fast.

When you ramp up the temperatures to eleven, you’ll enjoy a strong flame that can get a pan sizzling in nearly an instant.

This is great for busy homes or impatient cooks who want to get their food on the table faster. This also helps when timing your recipes since you won’t be delayed by a slow burner.

The strong flame along with the included turbo-powdered boiling feature ensures that you’ll always be able to get your pots and pans heated quickly.

Strong flames mean your meals are cooked evenly, and along with the convection oven, you’ll never have to worry. If you’re on your way to becoming a star chef, a stove and oven like this will certainly be the ones to allow you to reach for the stars.

Easy to Reach Low Flame

Some ovens don’t seem to believe in an easily accessible low flame; you have to twist the knob all the way to the highest setting to get the fire, then gradually work backward – and hope you don’t put the fire out by accident!

The Kenmore Elite switches things around and makes it easier than ever to access the lower settings. This means less chance for kitchen accidents and fewer delays when you’re starting dinner.

This makes it safer than other stove-tops of its kind since you won’t always be required to blaze the flame right off the bat.

The Negatives

When Hot Gets Too Hot

Every new oven asks for an adjustment period; two hundred degrees is never the same, even if you’re working on the exact same model.

Take your time to get used to this oven and you’ll find that estimating the correct temperature becomes easier as you go.

Until then, be careful when selecting the higher oven settings; a tad too little can mean very, very burned!

Subtle Timer

While you can set a timer easily, you will find that it only beeps once.

This is great if you’re the busy bee that can never leave the kitchen, but if you tend to wander off, you’ll find that it’s easy to miss the timer sound.

Kenmore Elite oven review

Overall Verdict

In this Kenmore Elite Oven review, we can’t help but be impressed by the overall attention to finish and quality that went into this oven.

Thanks to the double ovens and five burners, we find that this is an ideal range for large families, those often hosting dinner parties, and the chef who loves to get intricate with their cooking.

If you need the space and flexibility that comes with a well-equipped oven, this is certainly an appliance you want in your kitchen.

However, if you live alone and don’t often cook elaborate meals, you may find it’s too much. Before committing to a great oven, ask yourself what you need.

Where to Buy the Kenmore Elite Double Oven

Kenmore is a brand that has been around for ages. But they’ve managed to keep their company relevant by keeping up with modern design and technology.

This brand has proven themselves throughout the years, gaining loyal fans and a pretty permanent brand presence in the home appliance department.

While Kenmore is a popular brand being offered around the country, retailers for Kenmore products can sometimes be limited.

It’s usually best to check home department or kitchen appliance stores, but you’d be better off starting your search with the following online retailer.

And of course, you can also find this double oven on Amazon.

Kenmore Elite Oven review

That’s all for our Kenmore Elite Oven review. Are you willing to give this double oven a try?


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