Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine Review

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Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine Rated
  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

The Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine is a top option for both beginners and professional bakers.

It’s easy to use, versatile, and backed by a brand that really supports their product.

With a ton of features to play with, you’ll be baking a variety of recipes in no time.

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Making your own bread comes with a lot of benefits. You can enjoy more variation, skip trips to the baker (where cookies are far too tempting), and for some of us, it’s important to know what we’re eating and how we can improve our diet.

If you’re taking up a gluten-free lifestyle, by choice or by force, you don’t have many options left at your usual baker’s.

Q’Essenz Inc. has you covered; their Cravit DV-1000 NIC Bread Machine happens to be one of the best gluten-free bread machines on the market.

gluten free bread machine

The Cravit DV-1000-NIC bread machine comes with many convenient features at a reasonable price.

Apart from having the freedom to remove gluten from your diet, you can also add ingredients that are not available in your local bakery.

From fruit and nuts to yogurt and honey, adding new tastes to your breakfast is easy and fun.

Not sure if your inner baker would be satisfied? We’ve gathered all there is to know about the Cravit Bread Machine, so let’s see if this could be your new partner on a culinary journey.

Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine: the Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 14.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.8 x 13.8 inches
  • Loaf Capacity: ranging from one to two pounds
  • Settings: 15 preset menu options
  • Timer: 15-hour delay timer
  • Stand-Out Feature: 1 hour keep warm feature / three types of crust


15-Hour Delay Timer

Having homemade bread for breakfast is already sweet, but having fresh homemade breakfast is a treat on a whole new level.

With a timer that can be set to 15 hours after preparing your dough, you can have anything you want for breakfast no matter the hour you’re getting out of bed.

Wake up to the smell of French bread, gluten-free buns or good old fashioned wheat bread.

1-Hour Keep Warm Mode

Just made a tasty loaf of bread, but get interrupted before you can dig in?

The Cravit DV-1000-NIC can keep your bread toasty for an hour after baking, without overcooking the dough.

Also ideal for the sleepyheads who get out of bed later than the rest of the household.

cravit bread machine review

Gluten-Free Bread

Being able to make delicious gluten-free bread is one of the specialties of this bread maker.

Follow any of the included recipes, or scour the web for new and unconventional bread recipes, to create your own gluten-free bread and become independent from commercial bakes.

Of course we expect nothing less from what is arguably the best gluten-free bread machine.

3 Different Loafs – 3 Different Crusts

You don’t always need the exact same type of bread. Sometimes you’ll have friends staying over, other times some household members might be away for a few days.

Always baking the same size of loaf wouldn’t be economic, so instead you get the option to bake three different loaves: 1 lbs., 1.5 lbs. or 2 lbs.

And because not every bread lover likes the same crust, being able to choose between light, medium and dark crust is a cherry on this cake.

Save Your Recipes

Sure, this bread maker comes with 15 preset recipes. But sometimes you want to break out of your bread mold and try something completely new.

Apart from being able to work without pre-sets, you can also save five of your favorite recipes.

This brings the total of recipes in your bread maker to a satisfying 20, more than enough to please the at-home baker.

cravit bread machine review


You won’t be left in the dark if your bread machine happens to be a lemon.

Q’Essenz has included a 90-day money back guarantee which promises to replace your bread machine at no additional cost if it’s deemed defective.

On the other hand, if you’re simply not satisfied with your bread maker, simply contact the company to get a full refund – without hassle.

Once the initial 90 day guarantee is over, Q’Essenz offers an additional one year parts and labor guarantee where they will repair your bread maker but the cost of shipping is on you.

Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine Review

The Positives

Add-In Alert

Having a recipe at hand is often only half of the work. After that, you need to carefully keep track of the time that’s passed or when you need to add the next ingredient.

The DV-1000-NIC bread machine keeps track of this for you, emitting a loud beep to let you know a new ingredient can be added.

Thanks to this feature, you can ignore the clock and focus on other things that need your attention, without having to worry you’ll end up with a little lump of charcoal at the end.

Easy to Grasp

If you start baking for the first time, recipes can be quite intimidating.

Learning your types of flour, when to add which liquid or solid… It’s a long list for a novice, and doing everything by hand adds to the uncertainty.

This bread machine takes most of the thinking out of your hands, leaving you to learn by observation and intuition.

This bread machine is also super easy to set-up, getting both beginners and professionals baking in no time.

The simple layout makes both getting acquainted to the machine, and to baking an easy task so you won’t have to dread being in the kitchen.

Window to the Bread

The top viewing window is one of those details that should never be left out of a bread making machine.

Apart from the pure fascination that you experience from gazing down at the bread that you are creating, it’s also one of the best ways to check up on the process.


By taking a quick peek, it’s easy to see if your consistency is up to scratch, or if you need to add more nuts or other extras to your loaf.

Take a Break

Whether you or your loaf need a quick rest, the 12-minute pause function is there to make it possible.

This is a positive that comes in handy when you’re either adding in ingredients according to the recipe, or if you’re noticing the dough is getting too runny or too chunky for your liking.

Healthy Alternative

The fact that this machine is made to accommodate whole-wheat recipes makes it easy to switch to a better diet.

While freshly made bread at home is already better than the store-bought alternative, this product proudly supports using this for even healthier recipes.

Having the Cravit bread machine on hand won’t only make your tastebuds happy, but it will help push you into an overall healthier lifestyle.


The Cravit Bread Machine specializes in more than bread making. You can also utilize your machine to make your own home-made companion for your loaves – jam!

Simply fill your baking tin with your favorite fruits, add gelling sugar and activate your bread machine. You’ll soon have freshly made jam to spread across your freshly baked bread!

Convenient Size

You won’t have to worry about space when it comes to the Cravit DV-1000-NIC.

This bread machine comes in a convenient size that won’t take up too much counter space, or all the space in your cupboard.

Weighing under 15 lbs also means that it won’t be too hard to move from its resting place when you want to get to baking.

Or, if you want to help out with brunch at a friend’s place, you can easily pack it with you so you can easily lend a helping hand.

cravit bread machine review

Customer Service

Q’Essenz has a customer service team that you want to call.

Their customer service is known for being top-notch, providing customers with polite, helpful solutions to their issues.

They are usually quick to answer and ensure that your concerns have been cleared before moving on.

The Negatives

Might Take a Walk

Those who have mixed bread dough by hand in the past can vouch for this statement; it requires a lot of energy to produce a good loaf.

Due to its slightly lighter stature, the DV-1000-NIC has a tendency to ‘wander’ around your counter with the force it’s exerting.

This way you’ll stop your machine from moving too far off your counter.

If you’re going to leave this bread machine alone for a long period of time, be sure to place something in front of it.

Placing it in a spot where it can’t fall down is also recommended.

Slight Learning Curve

Though the machine does most of the work, and there are plenty of good recipes out there, every cooking aid has their own varying temperament.

Until you get the hang of it, we recommend sticking to the pre-set recipes.

Testers have mentioned that at times their crust came out darker than desired. This is often an issue with the combination of ingredients first, and the machine itself second.

By experimenting and gaining experience, you’ll gradually discover which settings will produce certain results.

Overall Verdict

When people call this bread machine the Cravit DV-1000-NIC gluten-free whole wheat bread machine, they make a good point.

Both gluten-free and whole wheat bread are in demand with the at-home baker, so it makes sense to have a bread maker that is at ease with producing either, or both at the same time.

The DV-1000-NIC scores high with experienced bakers, thanks to the variety and reliability of its results. The high success rate is one of many reasons we feel comfortable recommending it.

Beginner bakers will appreciate the way it instructs them without being patronizing, making it an ideal companion for those who have never worked with a bread machine before.

More advanced users will appreciate the variation of functions, the high quality of gluten-free and/or whole wheat bread and the general ease of use it offers.

The Cravit DV-1000-NIC might be a cheap bread machine, but it performs like the best. If you’re getting into the world of bread baking, there are few machines who can compete with this one.

Where to Buy the Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine

With the market saturated with kitchen appliances from better-known brands who have been around for ages, the Cravit brand might get lost when vying for consumer attention.

It might prove hard to find the Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine in-store and online.

Fortunately, it can be found easily on Amazon.

cravit bread machine review

That’s it for our review on the Cravit DV-1000-NIC Bread Machine. Tempted to give it a go?


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