Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker Review

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Black & Decker B6000C Rated
  • Loaf Quality
  • Variety of Settings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Value for Money

MBAH Verdict

With a huge 3 lb loaf capacity, we think that the Black & Decker B6000C bread maker is perfect for large families and hosts that love to throw dinner parties.

It’s a little basic and works a little loud for our liking, but it’s certainly reliable and great value for money.

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Do we think the Black & Decker B6000C 3 lb Bread Maker is the best thing since sliced bread?

Will the three different loaf sizes suit everyone’s tastes? Like dough, will the 13 hour delay option rise to the occasion? Will there be enough settings or will there be only a slice of the recipes needed?

3 lb bread machine

Baking bread is difficult enough without worrying if your machine’s right for you. That’s why we’re here to sift through any confusion and answer your biggest question.

Will the Black & Decker B6000C make a delicious loaf of bread or is it just loafing around?

Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 18.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.06 x 18.1 x 12.2 inches
  • Loaf Capacity: 1.5, 2, or 3 lbs traditional horizontal loaves
  • Settings: 10 Pre-programmed settings
  • Timer: 13 hour bake delay setting
  • Stand-Out Feature: Huge 3 lb baking capacity


The Black and Decker 3lb bread maker offers many features worth noting including varied loaf size, baking options, and settings.

black and decker b6000c review

10 Baking Settings

Programming wise, this machine includes 10 pre-set options:

  • White
  • Whole wheat
  • French
  • Sweet
  • Low carb
  • Gluten-free
  • Quick bread
  • Jam
  • Dough
  • Rapid white

Crust Color Options

Additionally, the Black & Decker 3lb bread maker has automatic temperature adjustment, so you can choose if you’d prefer your bread with regular or darker crusts.

13 Hour Bake Delay

The 13 Hour Bake Delay is a necessity for all you busy bakers; those of you who like the idea of waking up to fresh bread in the morning, or enjoying a new loaf after a long day. Sometimes you can’t dedicate time for bread baking and Black & Decker gets that – which is why with this setting, you can have your bread and eat it too.

All you have to do is add the ingredients—excluding dairy or other products that shouldn’t be left non-refrigerated for an extended period of time. This machine will then automatically start kneading and preparing the dough, bringing it to a rise, and preparing it for you over the span of 13 hours.

3 Loaf Sizes

This one’s for all of you who either crave more bread or are sick of freezing and reheating loaves because you baked too much of it.

This machine utilizes three different sizes of loaves: the 2lb loaf, 2.5 lb and 3lb loaf.

No more baking multiple loaves and storing the extras because you wanted more than a standard size. No more worrying about expiration dates because you simply baked too much to eat in time. Now, thanks to these multiple loaf sizes, your bread maker is tailored to you instead of the other way around.

Plus, I’m sure we don’t have to mention how a 3 lb capacity is almost unheard of in terms of bread machines — ideal for large families or for people who like to throw dinner parties!

best large bread machine

Large Viewing Window

Are you a nervous baker? Do you want to check then double or triple check that your bread is actually baking? Maybe you just like watching your bread rising.

Whatever your reason, the Black and Decker 3 pound bread maker understands, which is why this model comes with a viewing window.

Now you can easily watch your bread bake without worrying about interfering with cooking time by checking on your loaves.

Audible Alert for Mix-Ins

The Black and Decker B6000C will sound a loud beeping noise at the perfect point for you to add in your fruit, nuts or whatever tickles your pickle.

Unfortunately, there’s no fruit and nut dispenser to store your mix-ins, nor the potential to do this for you automatically, so you will need to babysit the machine if this is important to you.

Two Kneading Blades

It’s equipped with two kneading blades to ensure that the dough is thoroughly mixed and kneaded — exactly what you need for a delicious loaf.

black and decker 3 pound bread maker

LCD Screen

There’s a small LCD screen on the top of the machine, which shows clearly the menu program selection and the time left on the cycle.

It’s easy to read and relatively intuitive to follow.

Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker Review

The Positives

Huge Loaf Capacity

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the Black and Decker B6000C is an absolute god-send for large families.

With the smallest loaf possible at this machine being a lofty 2 lbs — usually the highest capacity for most bread machines — and the highest 3 lbs, it’s the perfect bread machine for large loaves.

Here’s a video of it making a 3 lb loaf:

On the flip side, this is probably not the bread maker for you if you only want to eat small loaves…

Lots of Bread Options

Baking can be daunting enough – no need to worry about using the correct settings. That’s why this Black & Decker bread maker includes 10 easily labeled settings for your preferences.

It also provides white, whole wheat, French, sweet, low carb, gluten-free, quick bread, and rapid white for bread options along with specialty jam, dough, and bake-only settings for all your needs.

No more stressing; the Black & Decker B6000C makes it easy.

best large bread machine


Baking is complicated enough, and now you have to worry if you or your guests can even eat what you prepared. We all know at least one person who doesn’t eat gluten — maybe that’s you — so it’s only fair that your bread maker accommodates that.

The Black & Decker not only understands the gluten-free diet, but they also make baking that much easier with this machine’s gluten-free setting.

We were impressed by this: it’s unusual to get a gluten-free program on a mid-market machine like this.

Dough Option

What if you want to bake a loaf of bread, but don’t want the hassle of preparing your own dough?

Well, with this machine’s dough setting, all that’s necessary is adding the ingredients, turning on the Black & Decker 3lb bread maker, and leaving it to create your ready-to-go dough. This setting is not only fast and easy, but also convenient for newer or busier bakers.

The dough option is also ideal for pizzas, tortillas, and any other recipes that require different shapes for your dough.


Considering the fact that it offers a speciality size loaf capacity, it’s pretty amazing that the Black & Decker B6000C is priced as reasonably as it is.

Sure, it’s not the cheapest bread machine on the market, but it’s certainly the cheapest we’ve seen offering this capacity.

Removable Paddles

If you’re concerned about holes in the bottom of the bread, you’ll be please to learn that it’s easy to remove them after the mixing and kneading cycles have completed.

Yay for beautiful loaves!

best large bread maker

The Negatives

Quite Basic

While the B6000C bread maker offers a number of bake programs, you’re not going to be doing too much experimenting with this bad boy.

Artisan loaves? Nope.

Nowadays, decorative and stylized loaves are growing more popular, but unfortunately, the Black & Decker 6000C only offers the traditional horizontal loaves.

For more advanced bakers who like a machine that offers them creativity, this bread maker falls short and will require manual work with the dough.

Works Loud

As is the case for many kitchen appliances, the Black & Decker B6000C creates a fair amount of noise when in use.

If you happen to live with people who are sensitive to loud noises, or hate being woken up in the night with the rattle-clang, then this machine might pose a problem.

This goes double for the fact that the beep alert for mix-ins is very loud too.

black and decker b6000c bread maker

No Fruit and Nut Dispenser

This isn’t exactly a deal breaker but it’s a little annoying not to have any space to store your fruit and nuts in the machine.

Not having it automatically dispense the mix-ins is one thing, but to have no space to store them seems a little like a mistake.

Overall Verdict

To be honest, there’s one big reason why you’re going to buy the Black & Decker B6000C bread machine — its huge 3 lb loaf capacity.

It truly is the best and most reasonably priced large bread maker — perfect for large families and dinner parties.

In other news, it’s a little basic and is definitely a little too loud to be cooking late at night in a small apartment, but it’s reliable and produces some damn tasty loaves. Plus, it has bake programs for gluten free and low-carb!

Where to Buy the Black & Decker B6000C

The B6000C isn’t quite as widespread available as we thought it would be — surely lots of families are running after a larger bread maker than the standard 2 lb machines?

You can find it at Sears, however, for $120.99 and, of course, it’s available on Amazon.

black and decker b6000c 3 lb bread maker

Have you tried the Black & Decker B6000C 3 lb bread maker yet?


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